This is work in progress (before its proper Beta). We hope to upgrade this into a powerful resource for the benefit of heritage internationally. The database will. Bogotá, D.C., Colombia: Instituto Colombiano de Antropología e Historia (ICANH ), Grupo de Arqueología y Patrimonio: Secretaría de Cultura de Cundimarca. En este se muestra un estado del arte de la investigación en arte rupestre en Colombia entre y .. Manual de arte rupestre de Cundinamarca.

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Although archaeological excavations close to rocks with paintings and petroglyphs are at present limited in number, they have demonstrated the diversity of contexts in which rock art was involved. In fact, recent inspections in the Archaeological Park of Facatativa have verified the existence of debris from ceremonial activities performed by different groups Fig.

Monumentos rupestres de Colombia Cuaderno primero: Sector de un mural en el sitio con arte rupestre de Canoas, Soacha. Arte Rupestre en Cundinamarca. Chronology is one of the most challenging topics in rock art research around the world Whitley But even worse, many rock art sites are destroyed through lack of knowledge about the correct management of this cultural resource by archaeologists practising CRM.

Other activities such as hearths have also been identified in the immediate vicinity of petroglyphs. However, this might turn into a double-edged weapon, because it could allow rock art to be protected by an informed community while exposing it to perils related to poorly informed tourists.

Secretaria de Cultura de Norte de Santander Manual de arte rupestre de Cundinamarca. We intend to give a brief introduction showing the dynamic that rock art research has acquired during the last few years in Colombia Among the above-mentioned topics that have undergone some development in recent years in Colombia, three deserve closer examination, either because they are at the centre of current worldwide debates or because they are challenging matters that extend beyond the basic postulates of traditional rock art research.


Meaning of Rock Art sites. Universidad Central de las Villas: San Juan de Pasto. Worldwide Archaeology Series 14, Avebury: Patrimonio cultural, memoria e identidad.

Manual de arte rupestre de Cundinamarca (Colombia)

Some of them, like offerings and pledges, as far as we know, pose no threat to rock art, but others like incense burning may cause damage to rock paintings. Pottery sherds associated with these activities have been dated to between and BP, suggesting the period during which petroglyphs were probably used. In short, contrary to the belief that a traditional archaeological approach to rock art is futile, both the Chiribiquete and El Colegio cases have demonstrated how the responsible application of archaeological methods is a powerful tool for answering basic questions about the more complex problems that remain.

Some of these movements have made direct or indirect use of rock art.

Manual Arte Rupestre De Cundinamarca – CALAMEO Downloader

With respect to the way in which rock art is involved in claims by new social movements, there are three topics that seem to be pre-eminent: The first two topics are very welcome in rock art rupsetre, but the third brings a series of necessary reflections.

While researchers are occupied by their goal of explaining rock art, they are also increasingly concerned with issues related to rock cundlnamarca conservation. This means that definite confirmation of the age of the Chiribiquete rock paintings has to wait until a specialised pigment analysis has been done.


Facatativa, Santuario de la rana.

Arte Rupestre Rock Art research in Colombia

Floridablanca Santander4. News of the world IV.

Entorno del mural rupestre en Suesca. Cunddinamarca, these two projects appeal to a traditional archaeological approach consisting of the recovery of archaeological material near rock art sites as a way to contextualise and date related activities.

Oxbow Books, UK, Rock Art Research 22 2: Revista InversaVol. Concerns about the preservation of rock art have been a growing field of interest in recent years. Vallas informativas y arte rupestre.

Calizas y Agregados Boyaca S. The most consistent effort has been focused on the presentation of rock art. Petroglifos en el paisaje o paisaje en los petroglifos.

Contribuciones al Estudio del Arte Rupestre Sudamericano. On the other hand, the growing visibility of rock art has led some of these embryonic groups to include it in projects of cultural and ecological tourism.

To determine what an archaeological perspective in rock art research implies is a difficult task because of the plurality and diversity of archaeological approaches e. Territorio, memoria y comunidad. A study on South American and Antillean petroglyps.