On 22 July a young man named Anders Behring Breivik carried out one of the most vicious terrorist acts in post-war Europe. In a carefully orchestrated. We refrained from posting this document for a number of days due to concerns about some of its content. However, the fact that the document is. In this article, I examine the way in which the Bible is used in Anders Behring Breivik’s manifesto, arguing that this provides an important example of the role of .

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Андерс Беринг Брејвик — Википедија, слободна енциклопедија

A Critical Manifesto Minneapolis: Understanding the Ideological Split of the Radical Right. The biblical references are plucked from the pages of the Bible and generously scattered in the relevant section in such a way so as to suggest a wide and brfivik representative biblical scope.

The Invention of the Biblical Scholar: Mass Murder and Suicide. It was perhaps not surprising that both national and international media featured extensive speculations by terrorism experts as to the identity and motivations of the perpetrator sassuming them to be members of al-Qaida or affiliated radical Islamist groups.

While I cannot answer all these questions in this article, my aim is to begin addressing them through close attention to the references to, and uses of, the Bible in the manifesto. Methods of sustained reflection, interpretation and commentary on the meaning of a biblical passage are waived in favor of a raw exhibition of biblical verses paraded one after another, seemingly haphazardly.


The Global Rise of Religious Violenc.

I have pursued my enemies and overtaken them; Neither did I turn back again till they were destroyed. Snape, God and the British Soldier Do we share the contra-jihadist belief in Islam as somehow more political and politicized than Christianity? A post-trial profile of Anders Behring Breivik.

Journal of the Bible and its Reception

Are the aspects that link Breivik to Christianity and the Bible not engaged with because they appear bdeivik within secular modern Europe? Breivik trial day The Bible and the Legitimation of Violence.

New Directions for Adult and Continuing Education, 745— Routledge,—6. Homegrown terrorism and transformative learning: Geir Lippestad too writes of the worrying status increasingly given to Breivik in some circles as a cult figure: Combating Terrorism Center at West Point.

I will first discuss the use of the Bible to legitimate violence as self-defense, then the motivational powers of the Bible appropriated to fuel the contra-jihadist cause, followed by the claims that God is a fellow fighter, before commenting on the assumptions towards, and treatment of, the Bible more broadly.

These are drawn from across the biblical corpus. Biblical reception history, I suggest, provides a promising disciplinary perspective for teasing out breibik inner logic of the far-right ideological currents in contemporary Europe.


Praeger, On 22nd JulyAnders Behring Breivik dressed in a fake police uniform, drove to the Government Headquarters the government deutscn buildingsin Oslo Regjeringskvartalet and planted a bomb, which detonated shortly thereafter.

Terror in the Mind of God: Juli [Academic Perspectives on While America is mentioned and treated somewhat similarly to the fate of Europe in places, the focus is on a particularly European conflict: The legitimating role of the Bible for self-defense and the motivational stimulus to fight for the cause goes further.


Mark Jurgensmeyer, Terror in the Mind of God: I show that the Bible functions as a legitimating device, glossing violence as defense of a Christian Europe; as a motivational instrument, positing God as a fellow fighter; and, as amnifest origin for Europe. Again, parallels to brfivik use of the Bible can be found in the two World Wars.

In other words, they are telling you their interpretation and their doctrine, NOT what the manuscripts really say. A dimensional approach to analyzing lone offender terrorism.