The guidance flange prosthesis helps in directing the deviating mandible to improve form and function. This case report describes a procedure. Mandibular Guide Flange Prosthesis Following Mandibular Resection: A Clinical Report. SHAILENDRA KUMAR SAHU*. MDS, Senior Lecturer, Dept. of. prosthesis.2 In a mandibular-based guidance prosthesis, the guide flange is attached to a mandibular removable partial denture (RPD) on the nonresected side.

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A 19 gauge hard, round, stainless steel orthodontic wire was manipulated to fabricate C clasps on the first premolars and first molars on both the guixe of the maxillary cast. Mouth opening was noted as 30 mm.

The time of initiation of the treatment is the key to success for restoring the form and function. This extension maintains the mandible in the proper mediolateral position for vertical chewing, but little, if prosthesia, lateral movement is possible.

Definitive guiding flange prosthesis: A definitive approach in segmental mandibulectomy defect

Prosthesis during mandibular movements, C: It included maximum mouth opening and grasping the chin to move the mandible away from surgical side. India Peer-review report classification Grade Prosthezis Excellent: The mandibular teeth glided beyond centric occlusion.

The other aspect of it is, the readers get the information regarding the most recent developments in science which can be used for teaching, research, treating patients and to some extent take preventive measures against certain diseases. The patient retained all her teeth, expect those on the resected side that helped her to have better proprioceptive sense and achieve the functional position after the insertion of the prosthesis. Design of Guide Flange Prosthesis The guide flange provided a mechanical system which prevented the mandible from turning towards the resected side.


Pre-operative intraoral view showing mandibular deviation towards resected side.

JCDR – Mandibular guidance therapy, Guide flange prosthesis, hemimandibulectomy

GF prosthesis serves both the purpose. This sort of therapy is most successful in patients whose resection involves only bone structures and minimally the tongue, the floor of the mouth and contiguous soft tissues. Mandubular have been associated with this journal since many years.

I strongly recommend my fraternity to encourage JCDR by contributing their valuable research work in this widely accepted, user friendly journal. Fabrication began with the formation of suitable mandibular and maxillary casts.

The patient was able to guide the mandible into pre-existing occlusion Figure 8. Use of a guide plane for maintaining the residual fragment in partial or hemimandibulectomy.

JCDR is published bimonthly and the accepted articles were usually published in the next issue.

In the above cases intermaxillary fixation was not done at the time of surgery and preoperative impressions were not made as they were referred only after surgery. The journal is indexed in many databases, though not in PubMed. On the basis of clinical and radiographic examination the patient was classified as Class IV severely compromised according to Prosthodontic Diagnostic Index Resources for partial edentulous patients as described by McGarry et al.


Quintessence Publishing Co, Illinois, Citation of this article. Also, the access statistics of the articles are available.

Guide flange prosthesis for early management of reconstructed hemimandibulectomy: a case report

Rehabilitating dentulous hemimandibulectomy patients. Hence the GFP was fabricated in clear acrylic resin and the retentive wire components were kept distal to the mandibular canine to minimize the prosthesis display.

Strengths of the journal: The patient in this clinical report retained all her teeth, except those on the defect site. How to cite this URL: A 36 years old male patient was referred to the hospital with the history of carcinoma left buccal mucosa for which he underwent hemimandibulectomy and modified radical neck dissection one month back flage reconstructed with pectoralis major myocutaneous flap.

Open in a separate window. Ameloblastoma, Dental prosthesis design, Fibula free-flap, Mandibular prosthesis, Maxillofacial prosthesis, Segmental mandibulectomy.

Guide flange prosthesis for early management of reconstructed hemimandibulectomy: a case report

It requires time and concentration, yet I enjoy doing it. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. The number of patient visits is also less as compared to the cast metal guidance prosthesis. In the first and third case report, resection was distal to canine.