Mahatma I & II has 14 ratings and 1 review. Awaken and realize that all of mankind will create their body for Ascension, whether they accomplish this n. Grattan, Brian. What all of humankind has learned in the past about creation is the way that existence isn’t—a paradox. Awaken and realize that all of humankind. I am Brian, Brian Grattan, Hello it is my pleasure to be here with you. Most of you know me as the being that first grounded the Mahatma.

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The difficulty comes, as we just referenced, with people having such a strong tie to sequential time through their many experiences in it, and becoming unable to make the leap beyond the three dimensions geattan see that grattzn itself is simply another dimension and has as much or as little reality as the solidity of this wall.

The Book of Mastery. Anything that’s manifested will be pulled back during the Cosmic Night to begin again then. Grattan’s previous book, Rider on the White Horse.

Chandrmani rated it really liked it May 28, You are commenting using your Twitter account. Links to the recordings of the 10 Mahatma Seminars at the Internet Archive: BoxFlagstaff, AZ This is why the close association with Source, because of the beliefs that say, “I must leave it here because that’s Who I Am. This book will shake the foundations of your soul Submitted by Connie Jagodzinski: There is much to learn, from a multidimensional book.


That does not make a teaching any more applicable to the New Age than, perhaps, the preaching of hell-fire and brimstone.

Done because the information is integrated into your being and changes you. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Christ and Buddha would be the first to acknowledge that they are just beginners on their eternal journey. Ray rated it really liked it Feb 22, This is rather phenomenal, considering how all of that knowledge gets integrated, or not integrated, as the case may be.

My Son and the Afterlife Dr. Peter as the foundation upon which to build these highly manipulative truths after crucifying him, and then made a god out of Jesus, after crucifying him as well- when all these gentle Souls ever agreed upon bfian to bring in Light at a very dark and troubled time on Earth- a simple galactic assignment that was never intended for demonstrations of adulation and worship!

Meer titels ter overweging. Winkel vanuit Verenigde Staten om dit artikel te kopen. Making Your Mind Matter Dr. You are not relegated to worshipping those who have already done this very basic initiation called ascension.

However, within that is a kernel of a tremendous teaching. What all of humankind has learned in the past about creation is the way that existence isn’t — a paradox! Even in this day and age of scientific skepticism, there is a flip side – that of blind devotion and those who are extolling the virtues of that type of faith. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1.


Brian Grattan – John Armitage

The unfolding process has been quite astronomical. Yet you have worked through most of it at this point; as a result of that, the anger and the resentment grian falling away. Mercedes Arias rated it it was amazing Oct 06, Naveen marked it as to-read Jan 19, Another great Co-Creator whom! Vywamus, when we say that the average physical being will have approximately lives on as many as 20 planets, then that could be 50, lives.

Books by Brian Grattan. The observer aspect is one which tends to be a little misunderstood. It is a difficult grattaan, but deeply rewarding.

Brian Grattan – Mahatma I & II

What the Tibetans did in their approach to Buddhism was to take the foundation that they had – which was more the Hindu o: Christ and Buddha would be the first to acknowledge that they are just beginners on their eternal journeys. But the only thing that is perhaps limiting is what has been termed the nahatma effect of the thoughtforms. And it is much better that you focus in on this, because there is still anger within entities like Brian.