The Door is a novel by Hungarian writer Magda Szabó. The novel concerns the developing relationship between a young Hungarian writer and her. One of The New York Times Book Review’s “10 Best Books of ” An NYRB Classics Original The Door is an unsettling exploration of the relationship. The Door continues to be eerily resonant, as Szabó’s consideration of the changing sociopolitical terrain in s–s Hungary speaks across borders of time.

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Can anyone describe azabo book anymore without immediately saying it is like something else? This book raised s I found the atmosphere of this novel to be full of darkness and despair. Humankind has come a long way since its beginnings and people of the future won’t be able to imagine the barbaric early days in which we fought with one another, in groups or individually, over little more than a cup of cocoa.

Magda Szabo reveals Emerence to us very slowly, in small doses, and even at the end we can’t magfa what really made her tick. Emerence detests those that work with their minds rather than their hands and she was not afraid to point this out to Magda — “You think there’ll always be someone to cook and clean for you, a plate full of food, paper to scribble on, the master to love you; and everyone will live for eternity, like a fairy tale; and the only problem you might encounter is bad things written about you in the papers, which I’m sure is a terrible disgrace, but then why did you choose such a low trade, where any bandit can pour shit over you?

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Review: The Door by Magda Szabó | Books | The Guardian

Her uprightness was stricter than the commands of a lion tamer and her honor came from her ambitious matda Taj Mahal. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. You’re going to see something no-one has ever seen, and no-one ever will, until they bury me. Looking for More Great Reads?

I have rated this five stars, not so much on how much I enjoyed the book so much as how much it got under my skin. Assuming that someone can vouch for the writer and her husband, and that they won’t szab or get drunk, Emerence will decide her pay once she sees how slovenly her new charges are.

Looking forward to club discussion. In one sentence I’d call it a compelling haunted story of the very blurry line between what we perceive ourselves and others to be and who we really are. During the course of this award winning novel, the readers experience post life in post Holocaust Hungary as well as the baggage that survivors carry with them.

Magda and her husband are in need of a housekeeper as they are azabo too busy with their writing lives to care for their apartment on their own. It is an insightful exploration of the power of human attachment. The language is English. Of all this, the door of her home and whatever it concealed was part of her prized possessions.

Labours of love

I would recommend this book for fans of Ferrante. She seems to have a compulsive need szaboo serve, gravitating toward wrecks of any kind – wounded animals or broken men or women. This was a worthwhile story for its unusual heroine, one I would remember for quite some time.

View all 20 comments. One of the most profound events in the book, when Emerence explained her fear of lightning to ‘the author’, was so coor better experienced in the text.


Is it too much to ask to honor the dead? View all 14 comments. This was a thought-provoking book which I found quite different from any I have read thus far. To ask other readers questions about The Door szago, please sign up. Yet, when does an attachment become too strong and where does one draw the line? Turns out that was a good thing. Trivia About The Door. The windows were securely closed up to any prying eyes.

The Door by Magda Szabó

Christopher Liking a character, as in the character appeals to my sensibilities, is not a big priority for me these szwbo. She valued the idea of absolute love because it is only love that saves, even through betrayal and death. Romanians and Hungarians have a long history of not liking each other.

This is not a happy little story but it is a thought provoking one, a book that will not be easily forgotten. It is totally understandable and yet the consequences are most regrettable. She lived alone with her secrets, and never allowed anyone through her door. Emerence as Village Hero Over the years Emerence came in conflict with others in the village, a series of nasty incidents with a pigeon breeder comes immediately to mind.

And it is in this present that, at the close of the first chapter, Magda confesses: A giver more than a taker, she always sazbo what really matters. The Door is slow because its subject matter is difficult and slippery.

No person is an island, although life forced Emerence to create her own hide-away since she was a young girl of nine-years-old.