In past articles when discussing training, I’ve referenced and linked to a very popular 5×5 training program often referred to as the MadCow 5×5. Madcows 5X5 Hypertrophy Template Day 1: 5 sets of 5 for squats, bench press, and barbell rows (ramping up sets for those unaware. Actually the progression for madcows 5×5 is % compounded weekly starting week 5 and the progression for 5/3/1 is 10lb for squat/deadlift.

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To me, enough madcoa an ample amount of protein Originally Posted by andom. So for each main lift, you will only 25 reps, then you move on to the next main lift, which again is only 25 reps? I wouldn’t consider myself stupid really. By all means take them. This program is very easy to understand.

Something was brought to my attention a few weeks ago.

Are you weak at lockout on bench press or weak off the floor on deadlifts. I don’t think I’m all high and mighty for ‘coming up with this’.

Modified Madcows 5X5 for Size – Forums

Your main focus should be linear progression on a weekly basis. That makes absolutely no sense at all. Point is, what do you think some other program will magically do for you? As you can see, the program actually starts you on the first week at only So I am not gonna do it.

  IEC 60904-9 PDF

Been on it for 9 weeks and all my lifts have gone up, great strength gains. I like it when people ask questions and then say 55 don’t wanna do that, I wanna do this,” it’s funny. I think that my weakness on bench is of the chest mainly. A good, simple remedy for this is Starting Strength. But, in the long run, reducing overall volume will eventually result in stagnation.

The original program calls for incline bench on Wednesdays although many people alter Wednesday to overhead madocw instead.

Madcow 5×5 Calculator

Do this for every exercise except deads. OP, madcows 5×5 is inappropriate for your numbers.

If it does, your work capacity sucks; work on that. What makes this a beautiful program 55x that in case you stall on most of your lifts, you can continue working with this program for as long as you take the intelligent path in reusing it.

Realize that none of the above modifications will benefit you unless you are an intermediate lifter.

Madcow 5×5: Workout for Intermediate Lifters

Sick of stubborn body fat, a weak physique, and no strength? After you will learn everything about this method of training, if you are familiar with The Texas Methodyou will see that they are very similar.


Madow a personal suggestion, the longer you keep consistent with your training and diet, the better your madcoww will be. The program was incredibly simplistic and made use of ramping sets of 5. But in the calculations in some weeks there are numbers like 83kg for 5 reps. Programs like this and Texas Method really interest me. If you can use an excel spreadsheet, you can utilize this program to its maximum benefit. Please tell me that is a good idea.

The idea would be that if you don’t care about strength then you still wouldn’t do this, but if you want both strength and size and have already done a novice routine for several months 55×5 the point of stalling, then this would be a routine to consider moving on to. Madcow 5×5 spreadsheet By Taker in forum Workout Programs.