Dean MacCannell nicely captured an aspect of this problem in his concept ” staged authenticity.” This term refers to the staging of local culture to create an. Loading data.. Open Bottom Panel. Go to previous Content Download this Content Share this Content Add This Content to Favorites Go to next Content. ← →. This chapter reviews the staged authenticity in cultural arrangements beyond tourism and the implications of this relocation, also exploring Dean MacCannell.

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The indigenous tourism operators expressed similar views on dealing with visitors; that is they strive to maintain the originality of their cultural performances.

Surveys were administered over a two week period to indigenous tour operators and visitors at six locations throughout the region. The study further found that the use of theatrical effects in cultural presentations was viewed negatively by tourists.

Staged Authenticity Today – California Scholarship

Furthermore, although available statistics show that many international visitors to the region participate in some sort of indigenous experience, the indigenous tourism maccannsll report for Queensland has identified low indigenous involvement in the tourist industry as a significant concern. The Aboriginal people are sharing over ,year old secrets; information which is easily marketable and which people can authenticify for personal commercial gains.

Lastly, contrary to the many potential negative cultural impacts of tourism cited in current literature, tour operators are positive about the effect tourism has had on their culture so far.

It is noted that prisons are actually more crowded, violent, and disease ridden than they have ever been. Acceding to the Imaginary 10 The Bilbao Effect: Select your language of interest to view the total content in your interested language. Users without a subscription are not able to see the full content.

Despite the threat posed by capitalism and globalization to cultural authenticity, there are still certain aspects of indigenous culture which is never shared.

Two of the business operations allowed their guides to exercise personal discretion about how much of their culture they are willing to share. The free flowing conversations with the operators were useful in helping to draw deeper meanings of indigenous cultural values and their attendant presentations. All the indigenous tourism operators interviewed for this study claimed not to have experienced any negative repercussions from tourism and to have actually benefited from the influx of visitors.


J Tourism Hospit 5: Their primary economic goal is to reach and sustain a level of income where they can generate jobs for their community. Half of this group felt that the experience had been totally staged, while the other half had mixed thoughts about its degree of authenticity.

We found evidence of this in this study, where one of the businesses we visited was working to modernize its display of culture and explained the difficulty in maintaining cultural authenticity while simultaneously working to increase visitor numbers.

When adapted for touristic displays, rituals frequently are shortened, embellished, or, in some instances, completely invented in order to meet public demand [ 38 ]. Classical, Early, and Medieval Plays and Playwrights: It poses the same ability to recreate history and customs as early forms of imperial exploitation and, therefore, presents a brand new authenticcity of challenges to communities in terms of maintaining power and identity [ 37 ]. One facet of growth in this sector is indigenous cultural experiences.

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Real (or) Staged? Authenticity and Cultural Portrayal in Indigenous Tourism

Clearly, many of the performers had minimal understanding of their sttaged culture, but were very eager to learn and reconnect with it. Cultures can also become crushed by the sheer number of tourists that flock to popular destinations [ 39 ]. It could therefore be said that, the tourists were looking for provenance from the artefacts, to judge their authenticity.

Jeremy Bentham believed that the design authengicity the prison stqged guarantee visibility of the whole of the prison to the whole of the outside world. This means that they had little cultural exposure when they were growing up; reasons of which are outside the scope of this paper. A semistructured survey questionnaire was used to gather information from visitors while interviews with Aboriginal tourism operators tended to be more unstructured. In other words, even mcacannell events that are the most natural are deeply performative events in which authenticity is constructed and constituted [ 3334 ].


Public users can however freely search the site and view the abstracts and keywords for each book and chapter.

Real (or) Staged? Authenticity and Cultural Portrayal in Indigenous Tourism | OMICS International

CDs and DVDs were barely selected at all. The solution is likely to be found in local capacity building and multi-stakeholder engagement, not least the involvement of governing authorities and the mainstream tourism sector. Principally, among these benefits, increased tourism can help indigenous groups overcome negative stereotypes held by members of society.

The survey was conducted through face-to-face interviews using semistructured questionnaires.

Home Publications Conferences Register Contact. The rest of the groups required to obtain approval for all cultural presentations from the elders. A total of visitor and 22 Aboriginal tour operator interviews were conducted. However, if done properly, the development of performances for tourism can give traditional rituals new meaning, transforming them into celebrations of culture and self-representation for an external audience [ 18 ].

Staged Authenticity Today

Consequently, an increasing number of indigenous communities all over the world are becoming important members of the tourist industry [ 3 ]. Maccannelll Ethics of Sightseeing Author s: According to Theodossopoulos [ 16 ], this multiplicity of meanings provides an escape from a strict and limiting definition of the authentic, an opportunity to apply their auhenticity specific meaning. Hence, balancing visitor expectations of authentic cultural portrayal, and the need for the Aboriginal people to keep their sacred information secret, will almost always result in contested ethos of cultural authenticity.