Linkstar modem in LinkStar by Viasat VSAT networking forum. Viasat Linkstar S2A VSAT Modem (NEW/Never Used). € € The new ViaSat® LinkStarS2A™ system is a two-way, bandwidth-on-demand. LinkStarS2A ™. Broadband VSAT System. The new ViaSat® LinkStarS2A™ system is a two-way, bandwidth-ondemand broadband VSAT system designed with.

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Net neutrality law wikipedialookup. Thank you for your participation! LinkStar combines broadband access and a modwm return channel to satisfy bandwidth-intensive applications using IP data over any fixed satellite.

Return channels to the hub operate at speeds up to 1. With this return channel capacity, remote sites can be server locations, content providers, multimedia sources, video teleconferencing participants, and corporate headquarters.

The combination automatically increases the speed of the return channel to give you the throughput you need. ViaSat is always working to bring you the highest return channel data rates in the industry, so even large multimedia files are quickly transmitted.


Allows operators to fully utilize their bandwidth resources Slotted Aloha enables low bandwidth linkatar to have immediate access to the network. This powerful feature minimizes latency and is particularly suited for transactional applications such as lotteries, point-of-sale POSand automated teller machines ATMs.

Turbo Coding and Optimized Spectral Shaping on the return channels enable you to use your satellite bandwidth more efficiently and further increase return channel throughput. DVB-based Architecture enables service providers and satellite operators worldwide to build open-standard networks for IP data, Internet access, video streaming, telemedicine, voice linstar IP, or distance learning. Web-based Network Management gives you configuration, control, and management of your VSAT network using a standard browser.

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LinkStar is your way to reach more of the world with multimedia broadband. User Groups enable you to logically group remote terminals to apply common operating parameters to members of the group. This powerful capability is ideally modej to the network operator managing multiple customers or classes of access. IP Header Compression reduces the bandwidth required for a voice call by eliminating extraneous and redundant protocol information.


Maritime Operation for installation on moving platforms. Though originally designed for the maritime linksfar, this feature adapts to any moving platform. Six-level, two-way Quality of Service QoS offers you six queues at the scheduler level on each remote terminal. You get a finer prioritization of user traffic based on profiles defined using the IP QoS feature.

The network is able to provide end-to-end separation of customer traffic and a dynamic addressing scheme for the different VPN hosts behind remote terminals. Pointing Tool designed specifically to facilitate the installation of the your remote terminals.

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Our proprietary tool interacts with the LinkStar software to provide fast, easy, and accurate pointing of the antenna. Quasi-error free per DVB standard Modulation: All other trademarks mentioned are the sole property of their respective companies. Specifications and product availability are subject to change without notice. Printed in the USA.