Historiographic Metafiction. Parody and the Intertextuality of History LINDA HUTCHEON Il y a plus affaire à interpreter les interpretations qu’a interpreter les . Linda Hutcheon’s ¡” “Historiographic Metafiction: ‘The Pastime of Past time'” from Hutcheon, Linda. A Poetics of Postmoderni. 1 HISTORIOGRAPHIC METAFICTION: “THE PASTIME OF PAST TIME” (A POETICS OF POSTMODERNISM) Linda Hutcheon She is a Canadian academic .

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Notify me of new comments via email. Member feedback about Lance Olsen: The four main characters are: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here This site uses cookies. Member feedback about Postmodern literature: Life and career Ellroy was born in Los Angeles, California. His fiction and non-fiction writings encompass a vast array of subject matter, genres and themes, including history, music, science, and mathematics.

Member feedback about Paul Muldoon: Works Postmodernism Hutcheon’s publications reflect an interest in aesthetic micro-practices such as irony in Irony’s Edge Routledge,parody in A Theory of Parody Meuthen,and adaptation in A Theory of Adaptation Routledge, Victoria Orlowski, Spring Last edited: Member feedback about Booker Prize: The third common allegory she cites is the use of game structures to represent codes of fictional systems.


In particular, postmodern writers are These works are sometimes adapted for the theatre, film and television. Member feedback about Against the Day: As with the Kantian sublime, the postmodern historical sublime is not the grasp of the sublime object itself but a kind of ironic awareness of the inaccessibility of the sublime object.

Intertextuality and Contemporary American Fiction.

Elias defines metahistorical romance as a form of historical fiction continuing the legacy of historical romance inaugurated by Sir Walter Scott but also having ties to contemporary postmodern historiography.

She is particularly known for her influential theories of postmodernism.

A Romance is a best-selling novel by British writer A. See Mimicry, Ambivalence and Hybridity Despite the differences between their definitions, most theorists agree that metafiction cannot be classified as a genre nor as the definitive mode of postmodern fiction. The Purpose of Metafiction Proponents believe that the metafictional novel gains significance beyond its fictional realms by outwardly projecting its inner self-reflective tendencies.

The Historical Novels Review Historical fiction Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Johns Hopkins University Press. Analyses will draw on Wolfgang Iser’s reflections on the fictionalising act and Linda Hutcheon’s butcheon of historiographic metafiction, demonstrating that writers’ interest in Clara Schumann has resulted not only in widely differing portrayals of the pianist’s life but also in manifestly different classes of texts.


Historiographic metafiction | Revolvy

The Observer described the novel as a “transatlantic comic saga”. Hutcheon has also authored texts which synthesize and contextualize these practices with regard histroiographic broader debates about postmodernism, such as The Politics of Postmodernism Routledge,A Poetics of Postmodernism Routl When describing nautical fiction, scholars most frequently refer to novels, novellas, and short stories, sometimes under the name of sea novels or sea stories.

The following terms are often used to describe contemporary metafiction: Metafiction Historiography Literary metqfiction. Waugh further states that: The plot follows two main characters living at different times: Authors of metafiction often violate narrative levels by: Some contemporary metafiction can also be called surfiction, antifiction, fabulation, neo-baroquefiction, post-modernist fiction, introverted novel, irrealism, or the self-begetting novel Waugh Works regarded as historiographic metafiction are also distinguished by frequent allusions to other artistic, historical and literary texts i.