Channel 1 Los Angeles Jose De Santiago Corresponsal- Presidente Nacional del Partido de la Revolución Democrática (PRD), Jesús Zambrano Grijalva. El titular de la Secretaría de Hacienda y Crédito Público (SHCP), Luis Videgaray, informó que se pidió al Senado turnar a la Cámara de. para discutir las leyes secundarias en materia energética. se prevé que la iniciativa que expide la Ley de Hidrocarburos; reformas a las.

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Additionally, the SENER is in charge of designing the exploration and extraction contract models to be awarded by the CNH in favor of the winning bidders. Do you have a Question or Reorma


Media, Telecoms, IT, Entertainment. Not only Pemex had a special legal framework designed to comply exclusively with its necessities, but also a great deal of its procedures were regulated by the company’s own rules of operation. The substitution of such economic model and the creation of a new regulatory framework applicable to a greater number of participants, and not only to a State controlled entity, has had a significant impact on several procedures related to the hydrocarbons industry, including the new provisions and regulations to perform offshore activities.

Much is still left to be well-defined reforrma, where transparency is an issue that should be addressed in the new market-driven energy industry. Likewise, the CNH is in charge of executing such contracts, as well as monitoring compliance of the winning bidders with their corresponding terms and conditions. Archives All entries, chronologically Expectations are high among the private players in all of the pertinent sectors of the industry, blooming room for opportunity in a myriad of projects ranging from production to distribution of electricity and hydrocarbons.

These activities are regarded as very critical and risky, as they not enerfetica represent billions of dollars in investments, but any failure or accident during their performance could lead to unquantifiable environmental damages, which can go from the total destruction of natural marine habitats to the pollution of seas and beaches.

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Offshore activities What is exactly an offshore activity in the hydrocarbons energeticx Thus, the ASEA has taken a fundamental role in the implementation of safety measures for offshore activities, integrating the industry’s highest standards to the provisions applicable to procedures related with surface inspection and exploration, exploration and extraction of hydrocarbons, replacing the regulations used by Pemex prior to the Energy Reform.


Still not finding what you’re looking for? Although the former regulations were designed to meet Pemex’s needs, that is, custom-made rules of operation for a State controlled entity, its subsidiaries and contractors, it was impossible to conceive that these would remain applicable after the Energy Reform and the respective entry of a countless number of new private participants in the industry.

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As a result, Mexico transitioned from a regulation focused only in a State controlled entity to a modern free market scheme. Prior to the Energy Reform, Pemex, as sole operator in the industry, was subject to tailor-made regulations that were mostly determined in accordance with the needs of such entity.

More Thanks for dropping by! January 5,http: Considering the foregoing, it is understandable that the Mexican State focused on setting up new standards and norms in order to coordinate all participants, as well as to prevent possible accidents, environmental damages and other undesired consequences.

During lateMexican Congress approved the enactment of the Energy Reform, with the purpose of introducing greater flexibility to the national energy market. Drop a comment on a post or contact us so we can take care of it!

The CNH, as competent technical body in the hydrocarbons industry, is responsible for assisting the SENER during the contractual area selection process, as well as organizing and carrying out tenders for awarding hydrocarbons exploration and extraction contracts.

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In general, offshore activities are related to oil well and gas deposit drilling, installation, closure and dismantling of platforms and complementary facilities, as well as other accessory services related to the transport of hydrocarbons obtained as a result of such endeavor. Real Estate and Construction.

18 pueblos indígenas afectados por concesiones petroleras

Thus, Pemex acquired a new role and purpose: More from this Author. Many critics have talked about the exacerbated corruption within CFE and PEMEX over many years, which according to legislative bodies, will be tackled at the source leyess new imposed measures for all companies involved in the Mexican leyee industry. In recent months, the ASEA has issued various technical guidelines and provisions in order to regulate the implementation of adequate industrial and operational safety and environmental protection systems related to the industry.

One of the most notable modifications brought by the Energy Reform is the applicable regulations for offshore activities, that is, those related with the exploration and exploitation of resources in energeyica seabed and subsoil resources, including the development of oil wells and natural gas deposits.

The steady increase in Mexico’s energy demand, the number of participants in its energy market and offshore activities, respectively, has resulted in a proportional increment of secundatias applicable regulations. The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. As of today, such technical bodies have designed and issued, among others, guidelines, administrative provisions and resolutions that combine the experience acquired during the State’s regulated monopoly and the industry’s highest standards, which establish the terms and conditions of a much more dynamic framework that enables the participation energgetica coordination of a vast number of participants in the energy sector.


The Energy Reform In recent years, Mexico has taken one of the most important steps towards modernizing its energy sector.

Enrgetica of the aforementioned include provisions for Health, Safety and Environmental Protection [5]as well as regulations related to offshore activities issued by Pemex and applicable only to its subsidiaries and contractors.

Secondary Laws passed; to be promulgated on Monday Secondary Laws: Moreover, such Commission should approve the exploration and extraction plans for each assigned contractual area, including deep and ultra-deep water drilling. The SENER, as head of Mexico’s energy policy, has general attributions regarding offshore activities regulation through the selection of contractual areas potential zones for exploitation of hydrocarbons in Mexican territory and the establishment of the tender guidelines for awarding hydrocarbons exploration and extraction contracts.

In order to adapt this new model to the industry’s highest standards, Congress assigned and distributed new powers and responsibilities among the Ministry of Energy and other technical bodies, such as the CNH and the ASEA, to establish the terms and conditions applicable to operations related to the hydrocarbons industry, including the so mentioned offshore activities. As mentioned above, the economic model and applicable legal framework to hydrocarbons exploitation procedures were modified in substantial terms after the Energy Reform, entailing great changes on leyex activities regulations.

According to various experts and the definitions contemplated in the law, offshore activities in the hydrocarbons sector are those related to the exploration and extraction production of seabed and subsoil resources, including the development of oil wells and natural gas deposits.

Food, Drugs, Healthcare, Life Sciences. Countries In Latin America. For a better reference, the following hyperlink provides access reflrma all new guidelines and provisions issued by the CNH: