Se diferencian de los gastos ordinarios para realizar la navegación en que estos . En el segundo paso, con la declaración de legitimidad del sacrificio, la ley. ley de navegacion pdf merge. Quote. Postby Just» Tue Aug 28, 20 am. Looking for ley de navegacion pdf merge. Will be grateful for any. Argentina Ley de la Navegacion. Ley 20, of 15 Jan Ley 19, of 12 Aug (ship registry and mortgage of vessels). Armenia Armenia has no.

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The rest of this document is only available to i-law. Request a trial Find out more. International Law of the Shipmaster. Albania Law 9, of 8 Jul Maritime Code. Law 9, of 23 Sep Algeria Code of Maritime Commerce. Ordonnance 80 of 23 Oct Modified by Loi 5 of 25 Jun Andorra Andorra has no specifically relevant maritime legislation.

Angola Lei 9 of 19 Apr maritime jurisdiction ; Decreto 26 of 6 Jun There is no material difference between the Angola shipping law and the Portuguese law. Argentina Ley de la Navegacion.

International Law of the Shipmaster

Ley 20, of 15 Jan Ley 19, of 12 Aug ship registry and mortgage of vessels. Armenia Armenia has no specifically relevant maritime legislation.

Australia Navigation Act, Austria Unternehmensgesetzbuch Commercial Code, Book IV, sections — includes transport and maritime transportation. Law of 17 Jul Austrian nationality of ships.

Bahamas Merchant Shipping Act. ChapterAmended by Acts 17 of7 of and 18 of Regulations of some UK regulations leg still in force. Amended further by Carriage of Goods by Sea Act. Chapter Statute Laws of the Bahamas. Merchant Shipping oil pollution Act. Bahrain Legislative Decree 23 ofamended by Laws 4 and 18 of Barbados Act 15 of shipping. Act 16 of shipping, i. Act 14 of shipping, 2009. Act 15 of shipping. Marine Insurance Act 12 of Caribbean Shipping Agreement Act.


Belarus Law Z of 15 Nov maritime code. Law Z of 24 Jun water transport and internal shipping. Loi of 9 Apr wrecks, debris and treasure trove of wrecks at sea. Belize Laws of Belize, Ch. Benin Code de Commerce Maritime. Modified by Ordonnance 74 of 14 Dec Bhutan Bhutan has no specifically relevant maritime legislation.

Bolivia Decreto Supremo 26, navegavion 20 Jul registration of Bolivian flag vessels in international waters. Botswana Botswana has no specifically relevant maritime legislation.

Comercio Maritimo; Lei No. Brunei Merchant Shipping Act, Chapter Admiralty Jurisdiction Act 26 of Burkina Faso Commercial Code, Bk. Burundi Burundi has no specifically relevant maritime legislation. Cameroon Commercial Code, sec. Canada Canada Shipping Act, ch. Chile Ley 18, of 22 Dec Decreto ley 2, of 21 May Modified by regulations contained in Ley 18, of 22 Dec Seafarer Law promulgat ed 30 Jan Colombia Commercial Code, sections 1,—1, Democratic Republic of Congo Code Maritime.

Congo Zaire Code Maritime. Lois 97 and 98 of 4 Mar Ordonnance loi 97 of 14 Mar maritime insurance code, also covering interior waterways.

ley de navegacion 20094 pdf merge

Code de la Navigation Fluviale et Lacustre. Ordonnance loi 96 of 14 Mar Cook Islands Shipping Act, Costa Rica Ley of 6 Jun Loi of 26 Dec Croatia The Maritime Code of 8 Dec Law of 30 Jan ships and shipping.

Decreto 87 of 21 May contracts for transport of cargo. Decreto 88 of 21 May special conditions governing operations of means of transport.

Convention on the Law of the Sea, Dec. Czech Republic Act 61 navgacion 29 Oct Law of 24 Feb sea transport. Law of 25 May inland navdgacion and waterways. Lov of 16 Mar maritime code conforming to the general Scandinavian maritime code. Last amended by Lov of 21 Apr The maritime code incorporates the law on ship registry. Dansk Internationalt skibsregister registration of ships. Lov of 1 Jul Consolidated in Lovbekendtgorelse of 11 April Lov of 13 Jun Consolidated text in Lovbekendtgorelse of 19 Sep Last amended by Lov 1, of 29 Dec Lov of 28 May om Havne harbors.


Djibouti Djibouti has various no law. Merchant Shipping Liability liability of ship owners, etc. Act of UK. Extended to Dominica by statutory instruments no.

Proyecto electromecánico 2 by on Prezi

Registration of Ships Act, Chapter Bills of Lading Act, Chapter Dominican Republic Commercial Code, sections — Egypt Law 8 of Maritime Commerce Code.

Law of safety of ships ; Law of There is no material difference between the Eretrian law and Ethiopian law. Amends the Merchant Shipping Code. Law of 17 Navegacin maritime safety. Law of 26 Jan public transport, all aspects connected with carriage of passengers. Ethiopia Code of Maritime Navigation of 5 May Loi of 7 Jul events at sea, e.

Loi of 3 Jul maritime insurance. Amended by Loi of 12 Jul Loi of 12 Jan Ordonnance 4 of 18 Feb maritime traffic and external commerce.