Mano Dura (Iron Fist) and the Ley Antimaras (Anti-Gang Law). Honduras. Social violence, (in)security, and security policies in Honduras and Central. America. Con la aprobación de la Ley Antimaras se sanciona con una pena de un fuerte lo que llevaba el Estado de Honduras, por lo que empezaron. cargo de las Fuerzas. Armadas. Reforma constitucional. Nueva Ley. Orgánica de la. Policía. Ley anti-maras. Reforma del. Código Penal. Crisis y reorganización.

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For further information, see Rodgers In a survey of mareros in the Northern Triangle, 77 per cent of respondents said payments were made hondkras the gangs to the police.

The truce has nevertheless bequeathed a significant legacy. But the MS and the B have antimarax slightly different characteristics across the three Northern Triangle countries.

Gangs are both embedded in society and predatory upon it, and both victims and perpetrators. CARSI is a multi-million dollar initiative assisting law enforcement and security forces to confront regional security threats.

In the wake of the riots in Los Angeles, at least 1, Salvadorans were deported. In terms of their rebel aesthetics, criminal brutality and intricate inner workings, the two main maras stand out as a challenge to civic life and a threat to peace across the region. However, if the mission extends its mandate and is able to mediate successfully between the two parties, a working group on peacebuilding initiatives including local churches could explore the possibility of more inclusive dialogue.

Some civil society organisations and private enterprises have tried to boost economic opportunities for gang members, but in general maras continue to be viewed as public enemies. Feel free to give our address: The Central American immigrant population in the U.

Honduars also based on massive, indiscriminate ohnduras of more than one thousand alleged mareros hondhras, Plan Escoba was not accompanied by legal reform, in contrast to the Salvadoran and Honduran heavy-handed policies Ibid.

4. Case studies

By Augustthe number of people killed in confrontations between police and street gangs had already surpassed the figure for all of Hide Footnote That same year, Guatemalan MS members kidnapped and decapitated four hondurras victims and left their heads on the street one of them in front of the National Congress with the aim of coercing authorities to repeal measures against imprisoned gang members. The military and the police jointly carried out raids in neighborhoods of suspected mara activity honduraa sometimes arrested alleged gang members Mateo Hide Footnote Peace Accords were signed inbut not before hundreds of thousands had left to neighbouring countries and the U.


The maras are both victims of extreme social inequity and the perpetrators of brutal acts of violence. The fact that in the Salvadoran truce the maras never requested exemptions from their criminal responsibilities offers antimaars precedent on which to build. Buy Print version amazon. Such measures could hondras emulated by gangs in Guatemala and Honduras. Hide Footnote Over 50 people detained in Guatemala City in were found to be living in insalubrious housing in poor neighbourhoods.

El déjà-vu de las políticas de seguridad en Honduras | Crisis Group

Indeed, Ribando Seelke That said, such calls inadvertently could sntimaras the maras with additional political and social clout once their power to guarantee full freedom of movement has been demonstrated.

The way in which the public perceived the maras was therefore greatly influenced by hondurws news and discourses on crime Lambert In El Salvador, critical elements of the peace agreement were only partially implemented. Smaller gangs later joined the process, which held up for several months. The maras across the region remain a chronic social problem rooted in flawed economic and political development.

Despite some indications of success of these initiatives in the capital as well as in southern Honduras, the effects in the North of the country have not been satisfying. An innovation of these two approaches is the incorporation of local actors whereby municipal authorities and service-providers work hondduras in hand with public and private security actors, academic institutions as well as civil society to reduce violence, discourage gang membership and facilitate reintegration.


Guatemala Segura Safe Guatemala — a program that sent 1, members of the military to support civil police officers — may be an example of one such less repressive stance, although no clearly defined police strategy officially backs this statement Ranum Governments must go beyond punitive measures and address the social and economic roots of gang culture, tackle extortion schemes and invest in communities.

Targeted and substantial economic investment in impoverished communities with significant gang presence could reduce the incentives for blackmail.

El déjà-vu de las políticas de seguridad en Honduras

Organized crime and the delinquency of gangs constantly hit decent citizens, who are the immense majority, and this is an attack against the stability of the country Sacaas quoted in Peetz It created in April a specialised office to combat extortions with separate units dedicated to the MS and the B This explanation, in combination with the fear that characterizes Salvadoran society, shows why the population tolerated a discourse and subsequent policies that hondutas human rights of alleged gang membersthe rule of law and mechanisms of political liability, as antimarsa as violating constitutional norms.

Depending on the level of gang organisation that they encounter, residents in affected communities feel threatened and imprisoned. Indeed recently, the governmental discourse relating to the maras has swung back to a use of intense repressive statements.

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amtimaras A programa program for its part joins together members of various clicas in specific money-making crimes, while those in charge of killings are known as sicarios hit-men or gatilleros trigger-pullers.