Plutonomy is a term that Citigroup analysts have used for economies “where economic growth is powered by and largely consumed by the wealthy few.”. NSA Leaks · Paranormal The Citigroup Plutonomy Memos: Two bombshell documents that Citigroup’s Link to the second memo pdf called. I cannot copy the memo, only read it on the web. Its willingness to write so honestly about our neoliberal capitalism, it is interesting and worthy.

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Not literal numbers, but the right picture. Fortunately for the investors, the analysts at Citigroup also considered these points and started to think about the plebs who, as history shows, have a tendency to be unruly, if poor. But unless the spirit of the last year, here and elsewhere in the country and around the globe, continues to grow and becomes a major force in the social and political world, the chances for a decent future are not very high.

From CPS News more: This is not something restricted to Europe. The blog “No Apparent Motive” cjtibank that they received a pljtonomy letter from Citigroup’s lawyers after they posted a download link to a copy of one of the memos:.

There was lraked pretty constant expectation lfaked it was going to go on like this. Within a couple of years, they started having to put money into the party coffers in order to get ahead, a topic studied mainly by Tom Ferguson.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. The Citigroup Plutonomy Memos: This is a cause championed, generally, by left-wing politicians.


I think they’re fast realizing, though, that tho they helped put Obama in power, he ain’t doin’ NOTHIN’ to show for it so far, other than tap dance. However, they warn that in the short-term there is potential for a backlash.

Plutonomy: A Leaked Citibank Memo

Plutonomy and the Precariat. The Revenge of Inequality” they state that in the long term the drivers of the further concentration of wealth are intact, including globalization and capitalism-friendly governments. That was true even in very dark times.

It led to major changes in the economy — a reversal of several hundred years of progress towards leakedd and development that turned into a process of de-industrialization and de-development.

Plutonomy and the Precariat

Instead of just walking away, the workforce and the community decided to get together and buy it from the company, hand it over to the work force, lesked turn it into a worker-run, worker-managed facility. If it does, the historic reversal that began in the s could become irreversible.

The reports are available for the time being: It shows that they consider the end of crony capitalism corporations subsidized by government to be the equivalent of theft:. The World is dividing into two blocs — the Plutonomy and the rest. Not long ago, President Barack Obama took over the auto industry, which was basically owned by the public. Thank you most sincerely for the links.

When the s came along, there were sudden and sharp changes: Notify me of new comments via email. Speaking of inequality, you did highlighting that Gangnam clip from Korean in a much earlier post, which was great fun by the way!

plutohomy The full report is available here http: A TomDispatch regularhe is the author of numerous best-selling political works, most recently, Hopes and ProspectsMaking the Futureand Occupypublished by Zuccotti Park Press citkbank, from which this speech, given last October, is excerpted and adapted.


It used to be that if a person in Congress hoped for a position such as a committee chair, he or she got it mainly through seniority and service.

They had the capacity to do it, the skilled work force. What might cause the elastic to snap back? At the beginning of the first memo “Plutonomy: While this tends to be something more often seen in countries with a shorter history of capitalist democracy, such as the Ukraine attempts to undo prior privatizationsor Russia where some of our clients believe events surrounding Mikhail Khodorovsky to be a form of nationalizationit can happen in the strangest of places.

Just to make it more surreal, while this option was being avoided, the Obama administration was sending its transportation secretary to Spain to get contracts for developing high-speed rail for the United States, which could have been done right in the rust belt, which is being closed down. If there had been enough popular support, if there had been something like the Occupy movement that could have gotten involved, they might have succeeded.

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