“Every freedom-loving creature on the planet absolutely MUST read >this remarkable book . For a modest $15, we should all give a >copy to everyone we love. Grant’s Speech from The Iron Web, read by the author, Larken Rose. Buy the book The Iron Web by Larken Rose. Larken Rose’s web site. The Greatest Speech Ever – Grants Speech from The Iron Web by Larken Rose. By James Cox on September 1, in Books, Featured, Government.

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Something is rotten in the state of Arizona. Jason becomes the Web’s confederate, but he could have just as easily killed them at the state’s bidding had he not been injured in an earlier attempt to subdue them.

Like Atlas Shrugged, this is a novel of ideas, powerful ones. You will make him into a monster, and you will make yourself into a slave. Other reviewers called it a page turner and I certainly agree.

This, like Rose’s The Most Dangerous Superstition, is one of the most important story-forms of what real freedom should mean for the world, and could mean The Iron Web is a philosophical argument doubling as a thriller. Stephanie Methvin rated it it was amazing Mar 18, Do you ever actually think about the words that you hear, the words that you repeat? The humanity in this is massive, and the author’s heart for peace is evident in the clear and undiluted portrayal of the realities of government deception, war, and surrendering our choices to merely ‘order-following’ other human beings who send orders to kill The government and the ever-trustworthy news media call the besieged folks “terrorists” belonging to an “anarchist cult” called “The Iron Web.


Leslie O’Hara rated it really liked it Mar 13, The ATF agents persecuting the Iron Web are not out to perpetuate a police state and push around the weak; they sincerely believe themselves to be the champion of law, order, and justice.

You are putting the chains around their little necks and fastening the locks tight. Not the violence of the ATF’s campaign against the Iron Web, its pushing them further and further into the woods, burning their homes and shooting them down one by one. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

The Iron Web by Larken Rose

Displaying this symbol here signals that I consider myself a member of the Iron Web and — maybe I am making history — could it be that a commercial web site I am involved in — ThaiDye. While the ending was a let down it was still a good read and I would recommend it. Then came his rosw Kicking the Dragon where he describes his story of becoming a political prisoner within the US of A which was not at all a feel-good book.

May 10, Amanda Rose rated it it was amazing.

Lists with This Book. You wear different clothes and have different hairstyles, and you think that makes you different, yet all your minds are enslaved to the same club of masters rkse controllers. You cannot begin to imagine in how many ways the world is the opposite of what you have been taught to believe.

The Greatest Speech Ever – Grants Speech from The Iron Web by Larken Rose

Meanwhile, your belief system is completely schizophrenic and self-contradictory. The throngs filling the Colosseum, applauding as the Christians were fed to the lions? No, you are ignorant because you shun the truth with all your heart and soul. Closer to the end it felt like the author lost interest in the story line and cared more about ranting his views on politics and the government.


Highly recommend to anyone and everyone. And you, you nation of sheep, would rather die than see tje truth. I cried because I don’t foresee any such man doing this – mainly because the kind of man who thinks like this doesn’t want anything to do with that wasp of hornets we call Congress or “Representatives”, an oxymoron if ever there was one. You old folks want the government to steal from your kids so you can get your monthly check.

At no point during the celebration did she want to include her passenger plane getting shot down from the sky and crashing in the middle of a war zone. If you want to know the symbolism behind it you will irpn to get the book from Larken and I suggest you get at least a four-pack because you will want to give some away to friends.

The Iron Web by Larken Rose

Although the people they met hold to various and sometimes completing political philosophies lzrken are Constitutionalists, anarchists, and hippies are among their numberall thw to the same principle: All Jessica wanted to do to celebrate her 19th birthday was go camping and test out her skills navigating with a GPS. There are none so blind as those who will not see.

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