L.A. Confidential script at the Internet Movie Script Database. L.A. Confidential () cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, Sharron Reynolds script supervisor (as Sharron Reynolds- Enriquez). Nov 13, Brad Johnson discusses how to write dialogue using the film ‘L.A. Confidential’ as an example.

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Director Curtis Hanson and his co-writer, Brian Helgeland, have taken a massively complex novel by James Ellroy and boiled it down to a no-flab screenplay that still eludes easy synopsis. A mass murder in a downtown cafe sets off an investigation that will spiral off in many directions, ultimately encompassing a prostitution ring that features girls surgically altered to resemble movie stars, drug-running mobsters, celebrity gutter journalism, police corruption, political blackmail, the racial biases of the LAPD and even a good, sexy love story.

Confidentialthe Los Angeles Police Department was a notoriously corrupt institution. ConfidentialWhite Jazzfictionalizes ill-favored facets of LAPD history in an expansive, seventy-eight chapter masterstroke that covers a wide array of characters and events from the years to The consolidation and reorganization of the novel is a study in multiple characters developing around clear, unifying goals.

The novel opens with a shootout in an abandoned auto court. In the Los Angeles of the fifties, there are blurry lines between truth and illusion. Many believed that a fellow officer had lost an eye during a brawl with six prisoners held in detention.

The truth was that the officer had only suffered a black eye. The prisoners four Hispanic and two white were savagely beaten by over fifty officers for ninety-five minutes.

They were then transferred with their broken bones and ruptured organs to Lincoln Heights Jail and beaten again. Initially covered up by the department, Scirpt advocacy groups refused to keep quiet and let it be another incident swept under the rug. The ensuing media blitz led to the first grand jury k.a.confidential and criminal convictions for excessive force in L.

James Ellroy fictionalizes Bloody Christmas for L. Confidential and the screenwriters use it as the event to set the story in motion. In both the novel and film, the Bloody Christmas scandal plays out with Exley trading his testimony for a promotion.

The script uses the l.a.confudential conflict between Exley and White, but ties it to the Night Owl slayings; the event that redeems Exley in the eyes of the department and motivates White to seek justice for his dead partner.

Rollo Tomasi is the reason Ed Exley became a cop. As a dramatic device, it serves three l.a.confidfntial within the scope of the narrative:. He kills himself at Disneyland.

L.A. Confidential () Movie Script | SS

The adaptation makes a clear distinction: Though the department Thomas Exley served under denied justice to many, he still deserved it. Would the adaptation be as satisfying without Exley shooting Dudley in the back? Dudley suffers brain damage so bad that it requires him to be hospitalized for the rest of his life.


Come to Los Angeles. The sun shines bright, the beaches are wide and inviting, and the orange groves stretch as far as the eye can see. There are jobs aplenty and land is cheap.

Every working man can have his own house. And inside every house, a happy, all-American family. You can have all this, and, who knows, you could even be discovered, become a movie star, or, at least, see one. Life is good in Los Angeles. In the hit show, Badge of Honor, the L. The Los Angeles depicted in L. Confidential is a treacherous, duplicitous city. In fact, they use it to their advantage. Bud White kills a kidnapper in cold blood and makes it look like justifiable homicide.

Jack Vincennes busts Matt Reynolds for felony possession of marijuana and pockets the dope for himself. And those are the good guys.

I just wanted to lose my cherry. But Fontaine is gone. Head lolling, eyes squeezing out tears. The interrogation has taken a U-turn. Louis Fontaine is baby-faced, most likely the youngest of the Nite Owl suspects. He simply knocked over a bottle in a room with raw nerves and itchy trigger fingers.

I have my doubts as to whether a jury would have chose to end his life for the crime. The script brilliantly characterizes him as broken and guilt-ridden, qualities befitting of a young man capable of rehabilitation.

Courts let guilty people off on technicalities. Bud uses l.a.connfidential job working for Dudley to punish women-beaters. He watched his mother killed at the hands of his father.

Caught in the stress of the moment, scrlpt blasts an unarmed suspect with his shotgun as the man flees into an elevator. When Inez Soto reveals she lied about the times the suspects left her, he realizes he may have killed the wrong man. He may have not killed a scrip, but he killed a rapist. Did the crime fit the punishment? Confidential introduces Bud White, Jack Vincennes, and Ed Exley with their own scenes in the first ten minutes of the film.

Bud White thrashes a wife beater, threatening him with phony charges if he ever touches her again. Jack Vincennes, a narcotics detective with a cush assignment as technical adviser on the television show Badge of Honor, takes a kickback to arrest a celebrity for a tabloid. The emotions they exhibit in these scenes are challenged as the narrative unfolds.

The Internet Movie Script Database (IMSDb)

But you remember l.a.confidenyial times, right? In your statement, you said the suspects left you at midnight. I wanted them dead. I did what I had to for justice. If you operate outside the rules, your situation deserves no consideration.


L.A. Confidential Script at IMSDb.

His ambition is paramount up until the point he questions his principles. Did he kill men innocent of murder? Were their deaths justified for the pain and torment they inflicted upon her? How would you feel if you had endured those horrors? What if she were family or a friend? I bet a lot of people would think they got what they deserved. He did wipe filth from the streets. Philosophical debates aside, it gives the protagonist pauseā€¦and sets him on a new path.

When I was twelve my old man went after my mother with a bottle. I got in the way. He tied me to the radiator. I watched him beat my mother to death with a tire iron. He left me there with her. Three days till a truant officer found me. They never found the old man. They look at each other a moment. Lynn reaches out, l.a.confidentjal his face. Bud starts to pull back, but then lets her do .a.confidential.

You should be the last person who wants to dig any deeper into the Nite Owl, Lieutenant. Rollo was a purse snatcher. My father ran into him off duty.

He shot my father six times and got away clean. No one even knew who he was. I made the name up to give him some personality. I wanted to catch the guys who thought they could get away with it.

It was supposed to be about truth and justice and Rollo.

But somewhere along the way I lost sight of that How about you, Jack? When Exley asks L.a.confidentlal why he wanted to become a cop, all he can do is hold back the tears and smile.

Both Exley and White, though flawed in their own right, chose law enforcement for noble reasons. Maybe Vincennes grew up poor. Maybe women ignored him. Whatever the reason, he found comfort in the fringe benefits. Exley uses it to further his career. Vincennes plays the best angle for himself. The second act unfolds with Exley and White, men who stand on opposing sides of justice, investigating the Nite Owl, both for different reasons, and Vincennes digging into Fleur-de-Lis, hoping it will be the major case he needs to get his old life back.

As the plot thickens, all three men will come to crossroads where they find themselves questioning their values and aligning with those who were once enemies.