As Disintegrating agent: Kyron T has a very high swelling tendency of hydration either in contact with water or G.I. fluids causing fast disintegration without. Article | The purpose of present study was to compare Kyron T with other superdisintegrants and optimize the fast dissolving tablet of. industry to mask the taste of bitter medicine to achieve stability and drugs. It is white to off white fine powder, swellable in water. KYRON T is derived from.

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Table 1 shows the flow property of crospovidone, Kyron T, their physical blends and co-processed mixtures with USP specifications. Analysis of drug release data indicated that formulation F-X followed first order kinetics. Required quantity is from 0. For the measurement of angle of repose, a glass funnel was secured with its tip at a given height h above a piece of graph paper placed on a horizontal surface.

The authors thank the Lincoln Pharmaceuticals Limited, Ahmedabad for providing gift samples of metoclopramide hydrochloride, crospovidone, polyvinylpyrrolidone and mannitol. Stability study was performed in programmable environmental test chamber REMI.

Wetting time and water absorption ratio which is an important criteria for understanding the capacity of superdisintegrants to swell in the presence of little amount of water was found to be in the range of The standardized formulation F-X was compared with commercial conventional marketed tablets oyron percentage metoclopramide hydrochloride dissolved.


Citations Publications citing this paper.

Table oyron and 5 depicts all the tablet parameters evaluated. The composition of tablet is presented in Table 2. All other chemicals and reagents used were of analytical reagent grade.

A piece of tissue paper folded twice was placed in a small petridish i. Mouth dissolving tablets of aceclofenac were prepared by wet granulation technique using KYRON T as superdisintegrant and menthol as subliming agent. In comparison to direct compression tablets containing the physical blends of crospovidone and Kyron T, a faster drug release was observed from the tablets made from coprocessed superdisintegrants which might be attributed to increased porosity.

Evaluation of KYRON T-314 ( Polacrillin Potassium ) as a novel super disintegrant

Kyron T has a very high swelling tendency of hydration either in contact with water or G. Get in Touch with us Corel Pharma Chem.

Zero-order rate equation describes the one whose rate is independent of the concentration of drug undergoing reaction, while the first-order rate equation describes the one whose rate is directly proportional to the concentration of drug undergoing reaction. Related Items Author’s work.

Formulation and optimization of mouth dissolve tablets containing rofecoxib solid dispersion Omaima A. References Publications referenced by this paper.


Furthermore, our wide distribution network in around 15 countries enable us to supply the products in more than 35 countries. BairagiValmik R Patil Showing of 2 extracted citations.

Co-processed superdisintegrants were prepared by incorporating one superdisintegrants into the particle structure of another using solvent evaporation method. ChaudhariVinod A.

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Get Best Price Request a quote. The present study demonstrated potentials for rapid absorption, improved bioavailability, effective therapy and patient compliance. The purpose of this investigation was to develop mouth dissolving tablets of aceclofenac using KYRON T Polacrillin Potassium as a novel superdisintegrant.

Keep away from moisture. Required quantity kyrln from 2.

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Spray dried excipient base: Showing of 21 references. SammourMohammed A. Wetting time, dispersion time. Number of Employees to People. In the present investigation, a novel multifunctional co-processed superdisintegrants consisting of crospovidone kyyron Kyron T were fabricated by solvent evaporation method to develop melt-in-mouth tablets of metoclopramide hydrochloride with a view to enhance patient compliance by direct compression method.