In the event of conflict between Russia and NATO, Russia’s military—operating from the Kaliningrad exclave and from Belarus—could attempt. This sliver of the Polish border with Lithuania is wedged between Russian ally Belarus and the Russian Kaliningrad oblast. The “Suwalki Gap”. The Polish Corridor also known as the Danzig Corridor, Corridor to the Sea or Gdańsk Corridor, The equivalent German term is Polnischer Korridor. .. Bosnian Corridor; Kaliningrad Post Soviet-Union rail and road links through Lithuania.

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The Suwalki Gap: The Most Vulnerable Stretch of Land in Europe

This, too, was a long standing trope. The narrow land corridor between Poland and Lithuania, the section of Suwalki-Kaunas, would be the key for the transfer of NATO forces to come to the aid of the Baltics. Manchester University Press ND. Perhaps the earliest census data on ethnic or national structure of West Prussia including areas which later became the Polish Corridor is from If the Russian attack was “hybrid warfare”, NATO forces might stand with folded arms, as Western countries, he sent out his troops, decide that the attacks referred to in Article 5 of the Washington Treaty, did not happen.

If Poland agreed, in return they would extend the non-aggression pact for 25 years.

The Germans in Western Poland Helmut Lippelt writes that Germany used the existence of German minority in Poland for political ends and as part of its revisionist demands, which resulted in Polish countermeasures. Territories east of the Oder-Neisse lineincluding Danzig, were put under Polish administration. In the end, The Inquiry’s recommendations were implemented only partially: One of the busiest commercial zones in Podlaskie Voivodship, Suwalki is a town situated in kzliningrad part of Poland some 30 km south-west of the border with Lithuania.

Prominent politicians and members of the German minority were the first to be included on the land reform list and to have their property expropriated. Danzig was to return to Germany and there was to be a plebiscite in the Polish Corridor; Poles who had been born or had settled there since would have no vote, while all Germans born but not living there kaliningrav.


InSuwalki was a little village situated on a major trade route connecting Grodno and Merecz with Koenigsberg. However, questions have been raised about the effectiveness of current deployments and the conditions for rapidly deploying larger NATO forces.

In the vicinity of Suwalki there are numerous nature reserves, natural sights, rivers and two primeval forests. Wells predicted that the corridor would be the starting point of a future Second World War. Minority Protection Under the League of Nations: The Poles under Prussian korridoren.

Weapons Flood Into Putin’s European Arms Depot

From its Baltic base, an Iskander-launched bomb could easily destroy, for example, the German parliament. The Inquiry recommended, that both the Corridor and Danzig should have been ceded directly to Poland. It can be traced back to Frederick the Great, who likened the ‘slovenly Polish trash’ in newly’ reconquered West Prussia to Iroquois.

Upper Kaliingrad and the eastern border,University of Nebraska Press,p.

NATO’s Vulnerable Link in Europe: Poland’s Suwalki Gap

News was then broadcast that Poland had rejected Germany’s offer. The question is how rapidly these forces can be mobilized to enter the combat theater. It increased the German character of the population in the monarchy’s provinces to a very significant degree This page was last edited on 31 Decemberat Post World War I. If the frontier is unsatisfactory now, it will be far more so when it has to be drawn on this side of the river with no natural line to follow, cutting off Germany from the river bank and within a mile or so of Marienwerderwhich is certain to vote German.

The challenge for NATO is to create the capabilities—including troops, transport, and infrastructure—for quickly mobilizing reinforcements and larger follow-on forces to defend each ally.

The Samboridesprincipes in Pomereliagradually evolved into independent dukes, who ruled the duchy until The area around the West German city of Fulda, close to the border with the communist East Germany, behind which were concentrated Soviet troops ready to attack the West. Those actions, of course, include Nato forces and exercises in the Baltic states. An exchange of minority populations between the two countries was proposed. Convoys of semi-military trucks carrying “humanitarian assistance supplies” from Belarus to Kaliningrad should to the trick nicely.


The three Baltic countries—Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia—share a 1,kilometer land border with Russia and Belarus, but are also linked to the rest of the alliance by a narrow land corridor with Poland. Stromberg Dorsey Press University of California Press.

Britain, Poland and the Eastern A revised and less favorable proposal came in the form of an ultimatum delivered by the Nazis in late August, after the orders had already been given to attack Poland on September 1, Western Pomerania Farther Pomerania before Estates belonging to Germans must be taxed more heavily to encourage them voluntarily to turn over land for settlement.

CEPA | The Suwalki Corridor: NATO’s choke point

Hitler at first ostentatiously pursued a policy of rapprochement with Poland, [83] culminating in the ten-year Polish-German Non-Aggression Pact of Therefore, it was an mportant question how to protect the “Fulda Gap” [some recent sources refer to a “Fulda Corridor” but this is incorrect, and confuses matters with the Hoff Corridor, another prospective axis of Soviet attack].

The Poles held the view that without direct access to the Baltic SeaPoland’s economic independence would be illusory. Regional security officials now call Kaliningrad a veritable arms depot.

The Suwalki Gap is relevant to the scenario in which Russia would attack the Baltics, either by conventional koreidoren or by “fifth column” methods similar to those used in the Crimea and Donbas.

In May a train, passing through the Corridor on its way to East Prussia, crashed because the spikes had been removed from the tracks ka,iningrad a short distance and the fishplates unbolted. FestHitler korridorsn, Harcourt Trade,pp.