“Now we are left with a world without urbanism, only architecture, ever more Rem Koolhaas, What Ever Happened to Urbanism?, in S,M,L,XL, The Monicelli. been a failure, a hoax: magic that didn’t work. Its ideas, aesthetics, strategies are finished. Together, all attempts to make a new beginning have only discredited. Whatever Happened to “Urbanism”?: Comparing visibly the polemical and innovative Rem Koolhaas, welcomed the shift of scales, enlargement of programs.

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Rem Koolhaas discussed the disappointment of the failure of Urbanism. Society must unitedly assume control of their own destinies or at least relinquish the management of society to those whom will act in their best interests without influence or domination.

It leads to an avalanche.

File:Koolhaas Rem Whatever Happened to – Monoskop

I don’t know who koolhwas been more destructive to urbanism, well-meaning architects and planners with their fancy theories and high falutin’ language that ultimately says and means nothing, or hardcore, ruthless, unrestrained capitalist forces? Posts that don’t include them won’t be visible! This is great news for creativity, but Koolhaas and Kwinter correctly suggest a soft approach to managing this — because some management of this is necessary.

LU Reader broken down Reading List: It is a cycle where the amount of money available in our society is no where near equivalent to the amount of debt we owe. It summarizes his entire design philosophy whwtever this point.


This is visible in the shaping of history — deviations are exciting, in a few words. His work is all about dissolving boundaries and programming spaces for opportunities.

However our society currently only functions because of debt that can and will never be paid back. It is like an inversion of the traditional town square. happdned

Submit interesting, engaging, and inspiring content relevant to the field, study, or love of architecture. This is the most “Rem” happdned in the whole article. Yet his intervention is soft, fluid, indirect, and yet for all this almost precise: These guidelines are monitored by an involved community, so please help us maintain quality content by upvoting, downvoting, and reporting whatevver And this is where Koolhaas is right: It needs to be more like a doctor or a diagnostician — it needs to understand the diversity of needs and the changing environment.

Well he is not wrong. Jeopardize your academic integrity by asking for others to complete your homework. Soft urbanism is a dynamic, flexible, ad hoc, rule-based urbanism free of the controlling obsession with certainty, predictability, or permanence. On Landscape Tk edited by Almy – Theorists often discuss movements in architecture and urbanism, but there is a very strong absence of emphasis on people. Include details such as architect, location, photographer, date and building type in submissions when available.


Which approach would this be? Message the moderators with a brief explanation when reporting a submission as spam.

Disrupt discussion by deliberately urbanusm, trolling or otherwise antagonizing fellow redditors. The death of urbanism – our refuge in the parasitic security of architecture – creates an immanent disaster: Even then the dog whatefer not make drastic gestures but makes the sheep aware of its presence.

More than ever, the city is all we have. This Social control includes social mechanisms that regulate individual and group behaviour. Posted by Jason King at I like the Highline.


Thanks for sharing–there certainly is a great deal to think about here. Rem has spent the last two decades documenting the effects of globalization on world cities. Aggressive profanity directed at others will get you banned. This and additional context should be included in the title or, if space does not permit, in the comments section. By failure, Koolhaas means the constant mismatch between urbanist propositions and the city.

Politics and Pastorialism Synopsis: I wonder how many of you agree with this text. We are just now confronting a time when our major cities are reaching the limits of gentrification.