Kodak Selenium Toner is a brown toner for black and white papers. Selenium Toner creates a variety of cool brown tones. Selenium Toner increases th. As has probably become obvious, I am speaking of the Kodak product, which they call ‘Kodak Rapid Selenium Toner’, or KRST. Selenium toners by other. KODAK PROFESSIONAL Rapid Selenium Toner. Produces several cool chocolate-brown hues with warm-tone papers, purplish brown tones with neutral- tone.

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Oh shit, well i’ve already fixed these for 5 mins and i’ve just mixed up a new full strength batch of fix to do em again for a further 5. Keep a jug or two of toner in working strength and never toss it.

Selenium toner can also be used to extend print life without changing the image tone on black-and-white paper as well as being used for archival processing. I read so far that varying paper, time, dilution, etc are the variables to play with.

This experiment will make you familiar with what is possible with Se toning. If not other suggestions I will give that a try and I will look into the toner you suggested above.

I have not seen any change in the prints over these 16 to 30 years. This means leaving the print in the Se long enough for it to affect the highlights.

After several weeks I would take a couple of the final prints from several different negs and tone them It is one of the two main darkroom chemicals that is hazardous, and illegal to dump down the drain, according to Kodak the other being fixer. With two-bath fixing, most of the fixing is done in the first bath. I opted for this approach instead of the 6 prints for budget reasons. May 21, 7. Rapd guidance to get me started could probably srlenium a long way to save my low budget.


Kodak Selenium Toner. what color does it tone ? | Photography Forums

Sep 19, 9. With Ilford gallery, I could soak the print in the RST for an extended time with very little color change, but with an appearant contrast increase as the blacks got richer Ilford Rapid Fixer 1l Content 1 Liter. I will usually wash an untoned print to completion and let it dry before I tone it, if I want a healthy change in seleniium. Make several copies of a print that has a wide range of tones, then either vary tober toning time with a constant dilution as Bob outlinedor try a constant toning time with different dilutions.

If you get a purple-ish colour, some people might describe that as a warm tone, others might describe it as a cool tone. I want my prints to go slightly browner perhaps but not purple, what dilution would you reccomend.

Great at opening up shadows without increasing contrast. Rated 5 out of 5 by Anonymous from Good product The instructions are easy to understand. Unfortunately from time to time we need to part with them.

No, create an account now. I just hope Kodak does not withdraw this product from the market. It is a motto which successfully describes why our customers make the effort to I’m better served by making sure my prints have been thoroughly washed beforehand. I have some Forte Polywarmtone that will go red if I leave it in the toner long enough. Fixer 1 and 2 at different times As mentioned above, I routinely give only the first fix, wash and dry my prints and then give the second fix at a later date when toning.


Sep 25, Usually it is less than a month.

Kodak Selenium Toner 946ml

Whether beginner, ambitious hobby photographer or professional, we have almost all the analogue films available on the market This doesn’t mean you can’t use selenium at the same time but selenium isn’t known for yellows.

If you are really serious about learning what Se toning can do or any toning for that matterinvest in a transmission step wedge see Stouffer Transmission Step Wedges.

If you have a Photrio account, please log in and select ‘stay logged in’ to prevent recurrence of this notice. Kaiser Gradation Calculator Content 1 piece. I mix my toner much stronger than most Some color change is possible after removing the print from the toner, as the toning continues a short while after removal from the toner.

You can get some real bargains at a macodirect sale. Kodak Selenium Toner is a brown toner for black and white papers. This should mean that the second fix would have an even greater life expectancy than if prints were transferred directly from bath one.

Normally, I have a duplicate print sitting in the soaking tray for comparison. Both beginners and professionals are toned But I do wonder how much I was adding. May 21, 8. You can’t hurt them, only help.

Your name or email address: This could take 20 minutes or more, depending upon the concentration.