KEMA 08 ATEX IECEx KEM Features. □ Wide temperature range . □ PLEXO connection system, cold-applied connection and shrinkable tubing. EU-Type Examination Certificate Number: KEMA 98ATEX X are recorded in confidential test report number NL/KEM/ExTR/ KEMA 05ATEX X. PTB 02 ATEX X. Electrical KEMA 08ATEX SEV 10 ATEX SEV 10 ATEX SEV 10 ATEX SEV 10 ATEX.

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The main elements of the survey are: Mounting plates and brackets in stainless steel Our project planning software is extremely userfriendly and easy to handle.

Selection mema Supply voltage max.

BARTEC Documentations

This light plastic-sheathed cable is filled with magnesium oxide. This device can also be used to control the temperature in air or on various surfaces. PFA insulation Explosion protection 3. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything.

Therefore, the HSF heating plates can be applied in a wide supply voltage range. The heating cable and power cable strands are connected by means of reliable springloaded terminals. Page 3 of 5. If the temperature falls below the minimum setting, the autocontrol opens the circuit but closes again on temperature rise.


In addition to the LED displays, status messages and fault alarms are emitted through the additional relay outputs.

This sensor cable can detect the location of the leak precisely. If there is a rupture or break in the sensor tube leakagethen the switch remains permanently open fail-safe.

A sophisticated sealing system offers safe and reliable protection against adverse weather conditions. Heaters, fans, kfma and other equipment are energised and de-energised when temperatures fall below or rise above certain limits.


PSB 33 35 While the polyolefin protective jacket ates used where there are aqueous, inorganic chemicals, the fluoropolymer outer jacket is suitable for organic chemicals. The direct contact and large area format result in a very favourable heat flow in the desired direction.

Inner polyolefin electrical insulation jacket thermally fused to the heating element bonded jacket 4. This reduces the programming work to a minimum. Outer polyolefin electrical insulation jacket 5.

Once the temperature drops by 2 K below kemaa switch-off point or after a fault has been remedied, the limiter can be re-activated by means of a re-set button on the device. This simplifies planning and installation. The heating or heating circuits can be installed both in mediaprotected and also in hazardous areas. By inserting more TS04 communication wtex into the bus, the number of connectable power modules can be extended to Voltage is supplied to the CodeKey through the interface.


kema 08 atex pdf – P(1) –

The MC32 controller module accesses the various modules through the system bus. The device is installed in the non-hazardous area.

Inspection on factory samples, selected at random from the production line Review of type approval documentation Review of possible change in design, materials and performance Ensuring traceability between manufacturer s product atwx marking and Type Approval Certificate.

The connection is sealed by the shrinkable tubes. The standard version features an external M20 thread. If the temperature falls below the 01110 setting, the contacts automatically close.

It is particularly suitable for applications with high ambient temperatures or aggressive chemicals.

The alarm relay is produced as a change-over contact and the limit relay as a normally open contact. The terminal leads integrated on both sides make the device a readyto-connect heater. If the heating tape is directly connected, to the enclosure terminals, the heating tape ahex first prepared and then insulation tubes are shrunk over the conductors as well as the twisted protective braiding.