Leggi «Karezza Ethics Of Marriage» di Alice B. Stockham con Rakuten Kobo. Karezza, Ethics of Marriage by Alice B. Stockham “Karezza is a book by Alice. „In successful Karezza the sex-organs become quiet, satisfied, demagnetized, as perfectly as by TOWARDS RADIANT HEALTH is the first book in the Heal. DOWNLOAD BETTER THAN ORGASM THE MAGIC OF ENERGY KAREZZA SEX . La caÃ-da de la casa Usher y otros cuentos de misterio y terror – El Libro.

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The word Karezza pronounced Ka-ret-za is from the Italian and means a caress. But the art and method itself was discovered in by John Humphrey Noyes, the founder of the Oneida Community, by experiences and experiments in his own marital life. He called it Male Continence.

Miller, a member of the Community, gave it the name of Zugassent’s Discovery in a work of fiction, The Strike of kareaza Sex. There are objections to both these names. Zugassent was not a real person, therefore did not discover it. It was Noyes’ Discovery, in fact. Stockham points out, has come to mean abstinence from all intercourse. The Oneida Communists do not appear to have opposed the female orgasm, therefore it was well enough for them to name it Male Continence, but Dr.


Stockham and I agree that in the highest form and best expression of the art neither man nor, woman has or desires to have the orgasm, therefore it is no more male than female continence. And a single-word name is always more convenient than a compound. For which reasons I have accepted Dr. Stockham’s musical term, which is besides, beautifully suggestive and descriptive.

It is perhaps not a kibro name; but I now think Karezza better.

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