Kaffir Boy in America [Mathabane] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Kaffir Boy in America, by Mathabane, Mark. Kaffir Boy by Mark Mathabane – The classic story of life in Apartheid South Africa. Mark Mathabane was weaned on devastating poverty and schooled in the cruel. Free summary and analysis of the events in Mark Mathabane’s Kaffir Boy that won’t make you snore. We promise.

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So at times it’s dry, others, very emotionally involved. I really wish this was a book that was covered in my high school, as it would have given me a greater understanding of the context that I grew up in. Should Mark leave or should he use his education and white contacts to help his country? And the police doing the killing are in the majority black men, although in their defense – if there is a defense possible – they are answering to a white “baas”, if not in the immediate hierarchy, then farther up.

He lacked the “courage” to blow up a white kindergarten. Free eBook offer available to NEW subscribers only. Overall, an excellent read. Jul 31, Jenneffer rated it really liked it. Realized – in planning a trip to South Africa, that we had the book on our shelves.

Repeatedly, his mother and Mathabane had to wait in hour-long lines to only be rejected for forms necessary for schooling.

Paperbackpages. It was really inspiring how big he dreamed and pushed given his oppressive environment. This book therefore offers a somewhat inspiring story of a young man determined to make something of himself despite mrak many obstacles put in his way.

Kaffir Boy by Mark Mathabane — Banned Library

The third kagfir Maybe its the fact that this is my second time reading the book or maybe its the fact that I read it all in one overnight sitting, but this book just didn’t sit with me as well as I expected it to. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I hope he was able to help his family from America. Mark is fully fleshed out, but he possesses no real msthabane, his past hatreds buried.


Mark Mathabane was weaned on devastating poverty and schooled in the cruel streets of South Africa’s most desperate ghetto, where bloody gang wars and midnight police raids were his rites of passage. Open Preview See a Problem? Also the difficulties and hard times he faced were well worth it because in the end he got what he had always been dreaming for.

It’s uplifting to think that this man made it out so well, but I wish he would have added a postscript at the end, letting us know mafk what happened to the rest of his family.

And to some extent that was true, but mostly this book just felt disingenuous and frustrating. The problem is who is defining freedom, justice and equality? However, the third and final portion Passport to Freedom – although ending on a kzffir note, seemed like a big stretch, considering the life Johannes started out living.

It was only abolished in mrak the year I was born!! For example, Mathabane describes his childhood as the eldest son in a family of two boys and five girls, however there is barely any description of bu spent together with his siblings or of what his siblings get up to. Jan 17, Danielle rated it really liked it Shelves: Mathabane describes his early years in minute detail, and also recounts conversations as if they were recorded, and these affectations cause me I wanted to matnabane this book, but that’s a tall order.

Kaffir Boy

With the introduction to tennis by kindly white men, Mark began to believe that he might have a future in America. Sign up and get a free eBook! Kaffir Boy Trade Paperback What I took away from reading this book: Is that what it takes to blow up mxrk It gives a certain mzthabane of insight into racial issues and allows me to l As someone who has only a bare basics knowledge of the mechanics of apartheid, this book was definitely eye-opening.

This book was really an eye-opener.

Tribal men can get passes to work in Alexandra and live in dorms of men leaving their families behind to see them a couple times of year, but families are not given the passes and so come illegally. Kaffir Boy was difficult to read and made me ashamed of fellow humans. I’m certainly not condemning him or his decision to publish what is a very effective anti-Apartheid book, but as a character he’s just not too compelling.


He says, “It a story he relates in the previous paragraph reinforced my belief that among white South Africans there was that small minority that really believed in love, freedom and human dignity for all.

A very disturbing and moving account of growing up black and extremely poor in the township ghetto of Alexandra near Johannesburg in South Bj. This book is both inspiring and heatbreaking.

Stan pays mathhabane Mathabane to compete in tournaments and talks to his coach at the University of Southern California about Mathabane attending college in the states. Preview — Kaffir Boy by Mark Mathabane.

Nov 05, Peter Hutt Sierra rated it it was ok. I realized the importance of viewing my life not simply as a series of my own experiences, but rather through the stories of those around matjabane.

Kaffir Boy | Book by Mark Mathabane | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

Such thing as education kafrir employment is a daily struggle for them and without hope and devotion their black society would earn no rights. Claude Brown’s Manchild in the Promised Land. Trivia About Kaffir Boy: Overall, I’m glad I picked it up. Reflecting on how self centered I am. Books by Mark Mathabane. All I could think of at the end of the book was about how much I wondered how the others fared.

This book is beautiful in its tragic solemnity, in some ways a breed apart from other books written on the subject. This gives a good sense of the overwhelming hopelessness of life in the ghettos and Bantus of South Africa.

It made me realize how much we take things for granted; it made me feel thankful for everything I have.