Buy The New Spaniards 2Rev Ed by John Hooper (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Focussing on issues which affect ordinary Spaniards, from housing to John Hooper’s fascinating study brings to life the new Spain of the. A fully revised, expanded and updated edition of this masterly portrayal of contemporary Spain. The restoration of democracy in heralded.

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The New Spaniards

A dictatorship has become a democracy. John Spabiards, a Guardian correspondent, delivers a scholarly insight to the history, politics and culture of the Iberian peninsula.

There is also a sense that in this newer edition of an older book chapters were added, but nothing was taken out, giving the overall text a bloated feel. On your list maybe. Focussing on issues which affect ordinary Spaniards, from housing to gambling, from changing sexual mores to rising hooler rates.

Eighth book for A thing we johhn be proud is our public universal free healthcare,our public hospitals have very high standars and for example if a ilegal immigrant without identification or a native in the same conditions dismais in a public hospital premises with a heart valve failure is sure in a right time he will be under free open hearth surgery without asking yet the costs would be thousands of euros.

Not as dry as the edition I read inbut will have to re- read again in future, so 4 instead of 3.

The New Spaniards by John Hooper

If you are planning on visiting Spain, I would strongly recommend reading this book. An interesting reading and a very fluent and pleasant writing. Regardless of your opinions on the subject, any reader can gain from the information shared by the author. This means that Hooper is silent about very recent developments, in particular, the ongoing debate about the legacy of the Spanish civil war that has saniards triggered by the discovery of several mass graves throughout the country.


Mar 20, Paul Higbee rated it liked it Shelves: Apr 21, Paul rated it it was amazing Shelves: I as spaniard am in wholly agreement with the Spain and spaniards image that the author gives in the book.

Hooper’s “the New Spaniards” focuses on how Spanish society has evolved following the introduction of democrary in Spain in the late s. It should be handed out to each person who arrives in Spain and plans to make a life there. Also mohn John Hooper.

Nothing about financial crisis and its after effects. How was the transition from dictatorship to democracy accomplished so smoothly? The books are, at first glance, quite spaniarrs May 28, Jason Raj rated it really liked it.

Sep 30, Theodore Kinni rated it really liked it. I found the cultural chapters to be exceptional and in particular enjoyed the penultimate section which covered Flamenco and bull-fighting.

Books by John Hooper. Read it Forward Read it first.

How did a country noted for sexual repression find itself in the European vanguard in legalizing gay marriage? Thus, although somewhat dry, I often found the book hard to put down, as it is a veritable feast of facts, figures, particulars, and generalities. Aug 04, Sairam Krishnan rated it really liked it.

The attitudes of the Spanish to themselves and indeed foreigners can be quite eyeopening. Next Valencia Photos of the Month: I did manage to learn Spanish total immersion works! But Spain is changing quickly. Thanks for telling us about the problem.


European World History Domestic Politics. Reviews suggest that this is one of the better books about this period in Spain, and that might be true. The book covers the period from roughly the death of Franco in to aboutleaving unaddressed, of course, the Torture.

Dec 08, Pages. Prior to reading this, I knew very little about Spain’s Civil War and Franco’s regime, and Hooper assumes that readers are acquainted with this part of Spain’s history and uses it as a starting point, so I’m afraid I lost some of the overall implications.

Sep 22, Wesley Gerrard rated it really liked it Shelves: Inspired by Your Browsing History. From Dictatorship to Democracy.

Penguin UKOct 26, – History – pages. I wish Hooper maintained a blog that would include his reporting and thoughts on Spain since the financial crisis, his many years of reporting and understanding of the country, it’s history and culture would be a great contribution.

Transformations that took generations elsewhere have been squeezed in to the span of a single generation in Spain.

The New Spaniards – John Hooper – Google Books

Across the hooer six sections, Hooper discusses political developments through and since the dictatorship, the fluctuating role of the Catholic church in Spanish society, and the contemporary issues involving the job market, unemployed youth, and an increasingly ‘gray’ Spain.

I just wish the book was a bit more entertaini 3. Jul 12, John Bonelli rated it really liked it.