Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Starred Review. The servants of the Bennett estate Longbourn – Kindle edition by Jo Baker. Download it once and. Longbourn [Jo Baker] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A New York Times Book Review Notable Book, a Seattle Times Best Title. Now, in a wonderfully fresh perspective on life at Longbourn, Jo Baker goes behind the scenes and down the stairs to introduce the servants who kept the.

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Orphaned, she came to work for the Bennet family with whom she still resides along with the other servants including the married Mr and Mrs Hill and the much younger Polly. Wickham reveals that he suspects that James has deserted the army and threatens to tell Mr.

The elegance and gentleness of the Bennet girls is in stark contrast to what the servants have to do on a daily basis – scrubbing soiled clothes and sheets, making soap from pigs fat and plucking chickens. When a new footman arrives at Longbourn under mysterious circumstances, the carefully choreographed world she has known all her life threatens to be completely, perhaps irrevocably, upended.

Jun 13, eb rated it it was amazing. Baker favours excess over subtlety in her descriptions as well as her plotting, and sometimes Longbourn feels oversaturated.

Longbourn by Jo Baker

Highly recommended to all lovers of Jane Austen. Novel book navigational boxes British novels Novels set in the 19th century Novels based on Pride and Prejudice. I say “picked up” rather than read, jl a great deal of the fanfic is insufferable and must be tossed after the first chapter.

I started to see a whole other life going on below the surface of the book.

The Letters — which are of course incomplete — really do give an insight into the woman, as well as the writer, and the work. My one criticism was that too much time was spent on James’ back story, and I was anxious to return to Longbourn.

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If you want to write about the horrors of war, that’s fine, but don’t just say it’s a Pride and Prejudice retelling to increase your audience. When it comes down to it, servants are the white goods of their day — the washing machines lonbgourn dishwashers.

I hoped to like it, but in the end, I didn’t. Review copy received from Edelweiss. The reader gets a closer look at what life was really like at the beginning of the 19th century without automobiles, electricity, washing machines, central heating, and plumbing someone had to empty those chamber pots and wash those filthy nappies when babies were oongbourn. Baker details the harsh daily life of Sarah and the other servants. I was very interested in hearing what kind of daily tasks made the Bennett lifestyle possible.

This was longbounr first time reading something by Jo Baker, her style of writing is very captivating and descriptive. Longboutn know what time the housemaids got up to light the fires and draw the water. There is a lovely humanity in this, along with an lobgbourn of the way innocence has a tendency to thwart the uprisings of the young. Our protagonist, housemaid Sarah, is a feisty heroine from the lineage of both Elizabeth Bennet and Jane Eyre; indeed, the first line is particularly reminiscent of Jane Eyre: Bingley’s exotic ex-slave manservant and a mysterious footman.

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The essential gift book for any pet lover – real-life tales of devoted dogs, rebellious cats and other unforgettable four-legged friends. Dec 06, The Library Lady rated it it was lonfbourn Shelves: The parallels between the two are not subtle, but they illuminate both Austen’s novel and the precarious and circumscribed lives of 19th-century servants. Apple Audible downpour eMusic audiobooks. Maybe because they were longbourm a tad too dark, too wretched, and too much removed from the world of Jane Austen.


The Commercial Publishing Industrial Complex has predictably lost its mind over it; frankly, we are astonished that its publication did not rip open the fabric of the universe, creating a giant black hole that sucked us all into it. By modern standards this might seem like a excessive number of servants, but in Nineteenth Century England, five menstruating daughters, not to mention a gaggle jk Gardner cousins foisted on the Bennet’s for weeks at a time, produce a mountain of laundry for the two beleaguered maids.

Longbourn Reader’s Guide

It is not a romantic world: Bu I usually avoid Pride and Prejudice sequels, prequels, mashups, and detective novels, because no one gets Austen’s sardonic wit, no one. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Longboyrn. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers.

I’m sorry, if I wanted to read a romance novel, I would read a romance novel. Its almost as if the author had a list of controversial plot lines and was ticking them off as she went along.

Bennet has a lot of lines, and one of them is cuttingly sarcastic. Mainly, though, there’s housework: But, Jo Baker wanted to sell books so she decided to drag Jane Austen into it.

Our hopes are dashed and restored and dashed again. Servants standing in the rain would have happened when any society family went to a ball during a rainstorm.