Lover and Commander by Jez Morrow. Liam and Talon are both warriors but from different planet. Both far descendant from Earthian, they. Jez Morrow has written a couple of my favorite rereads – Force of Law,Lover and Commander but I think this is the perfect combination of the two and may. Force of Law – Jez KB. Beloved Captor – Jez KB. Chasing Shadows – Jez KB. Lover and Commander.

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Feb 14, Cole Riann rated it liked it Shelves: The story was nothing complicated. You felt like it was taboo touching the butt. Still it had some good final effects and only because of that I’ve given it 2 stars instead of one.

I’m pretty sure I would have enjoyed this more had I been able to take it in properly. This one just left me wanting. I do enjoy an MC who’s upbeat, take charge and not so damn brooding. I think I’ll have to read this again sometime. I find that I don’t mind it at all! W Now this story, guys, had something in it!: Kury’s warriors are also extremely handsome, lean and lethal, similar to Native American warriors; when they meet their mates, they release pheromones to imprint the female and make her de Liam and Talon are both warriors but from different planet.


I’d call it PWP, but I don’t think it even qualifies as porn. Refresh and try again. Every character is strong in his own way, but he also has fears and weakneses. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

But this book I use this term loosely really is just a novella with looks of angst and sex scenes. While the sex scenes were hot they also had a forced feel to them. Other than that, I never know where the next road leads. The only part I didn’t enjoy is that a clear ‘I love you’ isn’t said or thought by Liam But my imagination can fill in the blanks.

Romance Book Scene

Human kind is separated into two: Don’t search for detailed description of new-worlds, but if you want a quite charming romp between the sheets You would think that two heterosexual men “crossing-over” would be a little more experiemtnal in charting new territory.

I do dislike over the top Alpha figures.

He shuddered in pure joy and fulfillment, burning, transcendent. The men are wolf shifters.

Lover & Commander

He flies morgow the seat if his pants and je and does whatever he wants. Contrast coloring, personalities; both gorgeous and best at what they “Space, the final frontier An abrupt ending that left me totally winded.

Liam was moving as if about to mount him. The space between them as Liam backed away felt cold and empty. Everytime this happens Im just praying for the author to explain all the traditions and customs and rules of the world.

  ASTM G50 - 10 PDF

The pilots are different types of humans and need to cope Loved the “bonding against their will” plot. Nov 11, Karl rated it really liked it Shelves: The plot was good.

When in reality the catcher would have been severly wounded by the pitcher. Can’t deal with the cumbersome goodreads formatting for this. I’d have loved to see how the new couple will interact with friends that were mentioned in the beginning of the book. Jul 13, Lexi Ander rated it liked it Shelves: What started as an intriguing sci-fi quickly turned into a porny PWP.

I feel like bashing my OH over the head with something hard. Usually a futuristic novel involving planet wars and aliens is strange, interesting, but not funny! Talon and Liam are polar opposites. At this point things got really rushed. Nov 26, Kati rated it it was ok Shelves: I loved the interaction between the two men an I would have given this 5 stars if it was longer and the ending unrushed and less abrupt.