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Hi, i’m a german newbie here:) and since last week i own a very nice pair of JBL The speakers are in very good condition and the. You may also like JBL , , Aftermarket Diaphragm $ $ ; JBL D8R Replacement Diaphragm H $ Yeah that is what I thought ”. Well forget about the sweep testing and so on above its a little bit in error. I just done some multiple.

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If you want people to feel the bass then a reflex design is probably best as you get the most air movement per decibel from those.

In two days he will receive his Radians,then i will check his Drivers again This page was generated in 0. I have only seen pictures or heard about the H phase plug with the holes. Seems that they where used by JBL in earlier models. I once mounted a bad diaphragm on top of a and pushed down on the dome to see how close it is to the phase plug, and it is very close as it should be.

We noticed this before,because the Horn produced a “farting” sound by playing Bass-Sinus signals.

Specs for JBL 2416 1″ HF driver

Only a few weeks ago,my best friend bought another pair of My LHS friend and I have been discussing the 4″ diaphragm ferrite drivers having reliefs cut into the top plate that allow air to travel from one side of the diaphragm to the other. Do we all have s My are from and really originally fitted ,nothing was changed. JBL made a H with that phase plug. However, the dome of the phase plug is not as high as the previous models, and the diaphragm is built to match- it will not fit on H drivers because the phase plug of the sits too high.


London and Birm Status: I joked about it being a tuned port for the rear chamber.

Pretty sure J normally stands for 16ohm with JBL stuff and as it also had 16 clearly printed on the top circled next to the I assumed thats what it was. So the Air can flow behind the diaphragms.

Ok there is no need for a replace ,but some people said the Radians are more “refined” sounding and have less distortion because of lower mass. Considering that your ‘s and your friends’? Is there a audible difference?

Last edited by Rudy Kleimann; at Newbie question, first time pulling apart compression drivers I posted the pics from an ebay auction here on another thread a few years ago, asking what they were. This is only my educated guess and not to be construed as fact.

All times are GMT Previously known as NeverWinter Background: I jbll, did the early model ‘s have H drivers in them? Good question Speak of the devil?


Specs for JBL 1″ HF driver – Forums

His are stamped The Brochure posted on jblpro. The DC resistance of an 8 ohm H or H1 is 3. Last edited by notengewirr; at Originally Posted by grumpy.

Possibly an aftermarket diaphragm was installed. I just bought a pair of Radian for use in JBL drivers. Top end is similar the Ti’s.

JBL 2416H-1 High Frequency Driver

Besides, the diaphragm is thinner than the and the surround is different too. How different are the andand should a generic aftermarket replacement fit both? D8R diaphragms use jlb voice coil wire.

Jbbl anybody know the specs of this driver I cant find it on the JBL pro web site other than that its used in load of there cabs I have a pair of these 16ohm drivers and need another two for some identical cabs. Too bad the won’t fit any of the older structures.

So how do I check its resistance if its not clearly listed? Both have the same original titanium D8R fitted. He jbo open his with same result.