Interview with Jan Kersschot for Natural Spirit: Starpeople Vol. 55 Q: What made you come back “Home”? JK: Coming Home to your true nature. The Daydream Unmasked Jan Kersschot. flower picture. Jan Kersschot. book cover. Purchase Jan’s latest book – This is It: The Nature of Oneness. Link to Jan’s . Jan Kersschot has 16 books on Goodreads with ratings. Jan Kersschot’s most popular book is This Is It Interviews with Teachers of Non-Duality Includi.

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Even if you feel identified with your ego, so what? Amazon Drive Kersscoht storage from Amazon. That is why we say it is infinite. As the river is quite deep and he does not see any bridge, he asks his master: You see, this is a nice example to illustrate the difference between duality and dualism.

Especially when you listen to the conversations between master and follower, it may become obvious that the master really masters the subject while the devotee still lacks understanding and clarity. Tolle is a nice guy, but he is not a teacher of nondualism.

There is only one of it: But I understand that this devotion disturbs you. But when you have a good look at what this person really is, you may discover that it is a concept.

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The master makes it possible han the seeker discovers that impersonal awareness within, which is also without. And It is not something that you have to learn or practice, because it is already being done anyway.


And all sorts of images can appear, nothing can be excluded. The master may obviously have certain qualities and talents which makes him or her to a master. The ash is the catalyst.

It is easier for me to say what It is not. Please try your request again later. What I am talking about in my books and lectures is not something I have reached. Learn more at Author Central.

Teacher and Seeker – Jan Kersschot

And these experiences are usually described as peacefull and blissfull. It seems one only receives the blessing when one is open to their energy. It all depends from where you kersschott looking. There are no specific requirements whatsoever.

In some parts of your books, there is also a tendency to suggest there is a difference between one teacher and the other. Forget my words, they are concepts as well. When I was a medical student, I uan involved in such a group myself. I also started to practice mantra meditation, known as TM or transcendental meditation.

It is the death of the seeker, while the organism continues to function in a most natural way. And real life is supposed to look real! I am attracted to go and see such kersschof, but I also have some pride inside me.

There in only one Light. Let me tell you: I will try to accept life as it is.

I have been around several masters myself, and I learned a lot about devotion and the effects of being in a group of people who have a similar interest. It is beyond any sense of past or present. The quality of the awareness is one iersschot the same.


Return to list of topics in Discourses by Teachers and Writers. The spiritual search was over. What exactly do you mean?

Do you believe that a ghost can or should attain enlightenment? But if the kefsschot has been seen through as a ghost, what can this phantom then afterwards claim to feel or not feel? When you keep that in mind while you read the other teachers, you will see that some of them are indeed talking about real Advaita, while others – in the interviews or in their own books – may be compromising sometimes. So, in the end, there is only one clay. According to vision X, people are separate, and individuals are subject to the laws of time and space and conceptual thinking.

I did not kersschoh anymore as a person.

The Daydream Unmasked

I use the term Beingness because it is a neutral term, it has no religious or cultural connotations. However, you are both made of water.

We are invited to pray, to meditate, to work on our karma.