James BeauSeigneur, a former intelligence analyst for the National Security Agency and newspaper publisher, taught political science at the University of. James BeauSeigneur. likes. Author of The Christ Clone Trilogy. #1. Birth of an Age: Book Two of the Christ Clone Trilogy. from: $ #2. Acts of God. from: $ #3. List View | Grid View. Books by James BeauSeigneur.

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Even when he was growing up, his “father” admitted that he wasn’t the most intelligent boy. Rather, we get a lot of political manuevering between countries and After a promising start detailing the s scientific exploration of the Shroud of Beauseigndur, this book devolves into what seems to random episodes scattered throughout the world and not pertaining to what the mames is supposed to be about. And while I personally found some parts rather distasteful particularly the excerpts from the next bookI must admit that his story and ideas are interesting.

James BeauSeigneur

I recommend these books to thriller fans, and anyone who finds apocalypse literature intriguing. Other biblical prophecies from the Book of Revelation and the Book of Daniel are depicted as well. With normal temperatures restored, Decker soon recovered. High to Low Avg.

That’s All for This Time

The water bezuseigneur to replace blood in a spreading radius, and after a day, all the oceans were once again water, although, they remained void of life. As the people of the world gathered in Tel Megiddo in the northern Jezreel ValleyBabylon was destroyed ja,es an immense earthquake beausegineur vehicle-sized hail stones.

I liked this book but not enough to go seek out the other two in the trilogy to see how the rest of the story develops. By the way these are frankly Christian novels and while I don’t have a lot of arguments with their view of Christianity and scripture, I wouldn’t suggest getting your theology from here, at least not here alone.

But he goes to great length beauseiigneur explain that a clone doesn’t have the same experiences as its original so it won’t be the same person.

Jul 15, J. For instance, there is quite a lot of wishful thinking on the part of the author when he describes a Rabbi converting to Jesus Christ from a passage in the Torah. So, with no other fiction with which to compare these books, I can judge them alone on the strength of the writing itself, and on how creatively the prophecies are interpreted by the author.


Interview with James BeauSeigneur

Jamws that reason, I sometimes found myself distracted and unable to focus on the plot or characters. The author does a very good job of setting up what the end of the world as we know it could actually, realistically, look like. With what is going on in this world, very believable.

The author includes a beaussigneur at the beginning asking readers to remember that the opinions expressed by fictional characters in his books do not necessarily represent his own opinions. Also; like most books on this theme, it is “pre-trib”, the dominating view of the Rapture in the US, but not in Europe. He taught political science at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, and in was the Republican jamea for U.

You’re talking about cloning Jesus?! Rhoda reacted with an amused dismissal of Decker’s promise, however the two remained friendly even if they disagreed on this. James BeauSeigneur is currently reading. And why don’t editors pick up stuff like this? The resulting child named Christopher the scientist who clones him is an atheist and named the boy after Christopher Columbus rather than Christ. March 11, the day of Uames resurrection, is declared New Year’s Day.

Yes, the ability to easily embed links adds a new dimension to reading. Some really important things are glossed over with throwaway lines or descriptions the clone’s awakening to who he may be, for example, is told to us, rather than shown us, and is therefore weaker for it.

The love story between Winston and Julia in that environment is uniquely and I use that word in its true meaning tragic. More years go by and more bad stuff happens so the Jesus clone becomes an Italian citizen and then an ambassador to the U. This review has been hidden because it beauseigneurr spoilers.

This article has multiple issues. Overall, it’s a very interesting idea and has some very good parts but it bogs down too much and becomes very boring. Here we can share good audiobook beauuseigneur, discuss talented readers and even discuss the question, Is listening to audiobooks cheating? Quotes by James BeauSeigneur. The Christ Clone trilogy?


I could have done with better writing all around, as BeauSeigneur tends to enumerate instead of describing, which made the whole book sound like a very amateur endeavor.

In whatever you are called to do, make your product worthy of your calling. Books by James BeauSeigneur. Even with that in mind, some aspects of the book shocked me a little. But I have provided a unified theory of how the End Times could occur, such that everything in the scenario is internally consistent, scientifically feasible, sociologically and politically reasonable, and finally, within the realm of possible interpretation of Scripture.

The agent loved it. The water turned clear and pure. Finally, Christopher promised that the last remaining vestige of Yahweh’s followers were trapped in Petra, and they jamex all be destroyed. There are new chapters that, bdauseigneur links, can be read right in sequence with the original material.

Please edit the article to focus on discussing the work rather than merely reiterating the plot.

As an author, he has assisted the Department of Homeland Security by serving on “Terrorist Red Cells” to speculate on possible terrorist targets and tactics. Sores would disappear, and telepathic and telekinetic powers would be acquired by everyone who wore the mark, permanently.

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