Cyprian Ekwensi’s Jagua Nana is a tale of life in Lagos in the early s. It is about a woman caught between true love and the need to fend for herself by any . Cyprian Ekwensi, Jagua Nana. (New York: Fawcett Premier Book, ), Pages. A Book Review By Ozodi Osuji Yesterday, July 26, Jagua Nana: Cyprian Ekwensi: Jagua Nana (), Ekwensi’s most successful novel, has as its protagonist Jagua, a charming, colourful, and impressive.

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Plus, you will love Hanus. In any case, Onitsha writers did not have to undress their heroines in order to inflame the imagination of their readers. A hilarious but touching depiction Lagos live in the mid-twenties. This sure wasn’t Chinua Achebe. Jagua Nana by Cyprian Ekwensi.

Jagua Nana – Wikipedia

These are the elements of the social world created by and for the school leavers who made a new world for themselves in the post-World War II cities of Nigeria. The lyric transcribed and translated by D, Cosentino mana the original 45 rpm disk sings of a young man chastising his girlfriend for her harlot ways:.

Clearly, Jagua has not spent her time merely drifting in Lagos—she has mastered the wiles of the city. Where did she come from, this Onitsha heroine? Apparently, nobody told him to bribe nna passport folks for that were how folks obtained passports in Nigeria. She resumes her relationship with Uncle Taiwo, and becomes one of his chief campaign assets.


Cyprian Ekwensi: Jagua Nana

I can’t make an informed judgement about Ekwensi. By the time of the novel, most local rule had in fact devolved into Nigerian hands ekwesi the promise of complete independence in the offing.

Maddy Woods rated it really liked it Aug 28, This was the Nigerian atmosphere just after the independence. I quickly rushed home and started reading it. It captures the heady spirit of an era in which everything seemed possible, jagha the improbable good fortune of a sexy middle-aged prostitute who somehow always lands on her feet.

Also like many of his characters, Ekwensi tried his hand at several professions. She saw him as he was about to board his plane and tried to talk to him. I have just finished three novels about displacement, countries in cypfian, and how human relationships change in such times. Nov 30, Ebba Kalondo rated it it was amazing Shelves: Eventually they became harlots, a profession that their love of Highlife, fashion, and ycprian made inevitable.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. In her own return to Ogabu, the fictional Jagua precedes by a decade the mass exodus of her fellow Igbos from Lagos at the start of the Biafra War. There is an uproar over this assassination and Uncle Taiwo loses the election. However, he goes off to England and, unknown to Jagua, takes Nancy. He confronted her and she mollified him by promising to send him to London. Although Jagua had deserted her father and her village ten years before the start of the novel, she knows she can return and be welcomed as the prodigal daughter.


Marriage was a disaster: The purpose of this essay is to report on a personal experience with quack medicine…. The story took place a few days before this Christmas.

Cyprian Ekwensi: Jagua Nana – The Modern Novel

Your long story shows that you are politician and will only join the ranks. As is the case in Igbo land, men marry for children, not for cypian. Dr Osuji teaches, writes and consults on leadership, management, politics, psychology and religions. Of the three, he is the one who I will be most likely to choose more of, once it arrives. The merchant princesses, he boasted, were independent women, and he knew that his sister loved independence.

Of these, Jagua Nana is his widely acknowledged masterpiece. Her restless spirit began to yarn for life elsewhere, life on the fast lane.

But as you is only a poor school teacher you no reach yet for marry Jagua woman. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Each novel is also at least in ekwensj a road trip; they contain one or more journeys of varying length and means of transit, from lorry and canoe to spaceship and motorcycle to science fiction doorways.

Freddie taught at a secondary school while taking correspondence courses to qualify as attorney.