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But, apart from this probability, there is another point to be considered. Therefore, although instances of apparitions shortly after death are by no means uncommon, it is rare to find one in which the departed person has really done anything useful, or succeeded in impressing what he wished upon the friend or relation whom he visited. Our loved ones for that matter, because of lack of knowledge and skills, can only intervene in a limited way; on the other side, they themselves are often in need of much spiritual help.

Product details File Size: There was a problem filtering reviews right now. He explains that materializations are rare due to the amount of energy that is required, but that they do sometimes happen; besides, he elaborates on how these are achieved.

IT is one of the many evils resulting from the absurdly erroneous teaching as to conditions after death which is unfortunately current in our western world, that those who have recently shaken off this mortal coil are usually much puzzled and often very seriously frightened at finding everything so different from what their religion had led them to expect.

To the former, pick it up and read with pleasure. This mother-love, being one of the holiest and most unselfish of human feelings, is also one of the most persistent on higher planes.

Invisible Helpers – C. W. Leadbeater – Google Books

Fortunately the inmates – except inbisible little boy – had already been rescued, though some of them had sustained very serious burns and other injuries. But this higher work must nevertheless be to us the one thing really worth living for – the constant background of leaddbeater life which is consecrated to the service of the Masters of Compassion. Not, be it understood, that the karma of the dead man can in any way be interfered with; he has built for himself during life an astral body of a certain degree of density, and until that body is sufficiently dissolved he cannot pass on into the heaven-world beyond; but he need not lengthen the period necessary for invisibel process by adopting an improper attitude.

Get to Know Us. It is like telling a man that it is impossible for him to fall asleep, and that if he thinks he has ever done so he is under a hallucination. Perhaps the most remarkable feature about them was the intensity of the affection that existed between them, for they were simply inseparable – neither would go anywhere without the other, and the younger idolized the elder as only a younger boy can.

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. He has always been quite impervious to what others think and goes through life just doing his own thing in his own way. Another case very frequently encountered on the astral plane is that of the man who cannot believe that he is dead at all.

So true is it that no good deed ever goes unrewarded by karma, however tardy it may seem in its action – that. There’s a problem loading this menu right now. Of course the mighty force of evolution is eventually too strong for them, and they are swept on in its beneficent current, yet they fight every step of the way, thereby not only causing themselves a vast amount of entirely unnecessary pain and sorrow, but also very seriously delaying their upward progress and prolonging their stay in astral regions to an almost indefinite extent.


But unfortunately a far greater number take things less philosophically.

Invisible Helpers

After a good deal of difficulty this was accomplished to some extent, but the boy remained in a half-dazed, semi-conscious condition through all that followed, so that he needed to be pushed and pulled about, guided and helped at every turn. It was not until everyone else had been rescued, and the whole house was wrapped in flame, that the landlady remembered with a terrible pang the trust that had been confided to her.

Thus, though spiritualism has too often detained souls who but for it would have attained speedier liberation, it must be set to the credit of its account that it has also furnished the means of escape to others, and thus opened up the path of advancement for them.

The last part is about the higher qualities that have to be acquired in order to evolve our souls and thus be able to help others. But happily this lack of memory in the body in no way impedes the work out of the body; so that, except for the satisfaction to a man of knowing during his waking hours upon what work he has been engaged during his sleep, it is not a matter of importance.

The belief in these has been world-wide from the earliest dawn of history, and is universal even now outside the narrow domains of Protestantism, which has emptied and darkened the world for its votaries by its attempt to do away with the natural and perfectly true idea of intermediate agents, and reduce everything to two factors of man and deity – a device whereby the conception of deity has been infinitely degraded, and man has remained unhelped.

Again, help is sometimes given by those recently departed – those who are still lingering on the astral plane, and still in close touch with earthly affairs, as probably in the above-mentioned case of the mother who saved her children from falling down a well.

It is one of the most beautiful characteristics of Theosophy that it gives back to people in a more rational form everything which was really useful and helpful to them in the religions which they have outgrown. The first requisite is that we shall have recognized the great work which the Masters would have us do, and that it shall be for us the one great interest in our lives. If, therefore, we are at all to comprehend the work of the band of invisible helpers, and perchance ourselves to learn to assist in it, we must shake ourselves free from the trammels of contemporary thought on these subjects, and endeavour to grasp the great truth now a demonstrated fact to many among us that the physical body is in simple truth nothing but a vehicle or vesture of the real man.

The Universal belief in Them. There’s a problem loading this menu right now. It ought in fairness to be mentioned that it is only among what are called protestant communities that this terrible evil assumes its most aggravated form.

Invisible helpers / by C.W. Leadbeater – Details – Trove

Inexplicable as it may seem, there is no doubt whatever of the existence in nature of this stupendous power of will over matter of all planes, so that if only the power be great enough, practically any result may be produced by its direct action, without any knowledge or even thought on the part of the man exercising that will as to how it is to do its work. All the charming folk-lore of the elf, the brownie and the gnome, of the spirits of air invisivle water, of the forest, the mountain and the mine, is shown by it to be no more meaningless superstition, but to have a basis of actual and scientific fact behind it.


There are several cases on record in which, when this attempt has been made, the person thought of has been fully conscious of the helpsrs of the would-be helper, and has even seen his astral body in the act leadbeatef carrying out the instructions impressed upon it.

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The question now was how the information could be conveyed to this brother. I will quote the story of the particular incident which I wish to relate from a letter written by the elder of the two helpers immediately after it occurrence, as the description helper given is more vivid and picturesque than any account in the third person could possibly be.

Hearing this, poor weary Walter sank to sleep at once and proved its truth, and was amazed to find with what hitherto unknown rapidity he and his brother could fly together from one to another of their old familiar haunts. It is put off permanently at death, but it is also put off temporarily every night when we go to sleep – indeed the process of falling asleep consists in this very action of the real man in his astral vehicle slipping out of the physical body.

The Secret Book of Dzyan: Other Branches of the Wore.

On receipt of this confirmation he no longer hesitated, but set off the very next day for the town indicated, and was received with open arms by the kind-hearted landlady. I have a son with Down Syndrome. Well, there is of course no difficulty in seeing why poor Lancelot was unable to communicate with his brother, for that inability is simply the normal condition of affairs, the wonder is that Cyril was able to materialize himself, not that Lancelot was not.

But his ignorance of these possibilities enabled this definite impression to be made upon him, and the Theosophical instruction which his young friend is now nightly giving to him will undoubtedly have a stupendous effect upon his future, for it cannot but greatly modify not only the heaven-state which lies immediately before him, but also his next incarnation upon earth.

It seems that one night a certain farmer and his family in that country were sleeping tranquilly in fancied security, quite unaware that only a few miles away relentless hordes of savage foes were lying in ambush maturing fiendish plots of murder and rapine. There is the materialization which, though tangible, is not visible to ordinary physical sight. What was that look?

This was a great grief to the dead father, though he could not blame the landlady, and hdlpers himself unable to suggest any other course. The work done on the astral plane among the newly dead, most of whom are in dire need of reassurance and instruction, is also covered in this book. I felt that while undoubtedly he would be more at home with Lradbeater than with me, I should probably be more readily able to procure help he,pers Cyril would, so the division of labour was obvious.