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And deep within me IT talks to me, without words, through the power which produces words, through the meaning of words: Initidrea are the inner being of matter, you are the law that maintains matter; so you have power over my body, because you had to construct it on the command of my unitierea when I was born into this material world and became a person.

The monster spreads out over me, swallows me, and in a moment I feel I am no longer myself. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The points of light are sucked up by this force, destroyed. Look into their being. Come, lay your sweet little head upon my breast!

The Wisdom of Tarot – Elisabeth Haich

She was born and raised in Budapest, Hungary. The silhouette clearly shows the form of horns over a long, pinched face that ends with a little goatee. How do you expect to get the experience you absolutely need, without me?

He cannot reach me. They use speech to say the most impossible, completely illogical things.

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No human being can be my complementary elisabth. This hellish, fiendish sensation turns my whole being cold and stiff. How can people fall so low that they debase the supremely divine act of love and make it an end in itself?

Why should I permit myself to be delayed by hunger and thirst on my path to God?

I do as he commands. Then I hear a thunderous voice from out of the flames: He surrounds me, trying to force himself into my mouth … into my body. You and I are one. I am only imprisoned, entombed in this stone, but I am not the stone. You carry me about in your subconscious, just as I carry you in mine, and even without wanting to we seek each other with the irresistible attractive force that comes from our belonging together in the paradisiacal state.

Elisabeth Haich – Wikipedia

But neither you nor I can become complete by virtue of a picture, a projection. Slowly they come closer and stare at me like two eyes. The pleasures of the palate were never a temptation for me. We elusabeth each other completely! I watch them with growing amazement.

A contour appears, creating a boundary around this empty, dark hole that radiates this invisible force. These awful eyes bore into me, and through me, through my entire being, swallowing me irresistibly into themselves as if I were being sucked into a gigantic maelstrom.

So how does this man come to think he can. It gets pitch dark around me, and the mountains cave in with a deafening thunderous roar.

The Initiation 1st part – by Elisabeth Haich

In her best known book, InitiationHaich describes early experiences of her life in Hungary, as well as details of her supposed past life during which she claimed to have been initiated as a priestess of Ra by her supposed uncle, Ptahhotepin what she refers to as ancient Egypt.


We can never be identical with each other! It was described by her followers mentioned in the introductions to her book as visible in her gaze: As I lie in the sarcophagus, Ptahhotep casts a last glance at me, full of infinite love, and then the two priests lift uaich stone cover and lay it over me. Why do they have to repeat it a hundred times?

The effect of my unspoken, soundless words is terrifying! At this juncture a tall, broad-shouldered man steps up to me. You are spirit and not body! Coming closer and closer, his horrible eyes get more and more haic.

Now the cause of that expression, the being itself, without a human face, without a body, is here!

Elisabeth Haich INITIEREA All

I watch these points of light and try eliwabeth guess where they come from and where they are going. They are centres of force of streams of energy which take effect invisibly. Wake up, do you hear?

And perhaps all these other men and women who are behaving in just as impossible a manner?