T HE INDICA OF Megasthenes is justly famous.1 It contained the first eyewitness B.C. Arrian (Ind. ) states that Megasthenes went further than Alexander. – Buy Indica book online at best prices in India on Indica (Greek) Paperback – 21 Jan by Megasthenes (Creator), E a. Megasthenes’ book Indica records the way of life followed in India during BC. This book describes 7 classifications of work rather than the.

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The Indian elephants are far stronger than the Libyan elephantsbecause of the abundance of food on the Indian soil.

India has many large and navigable rivers, which arise in the mountains on its northern border. Megasthenes, like Numenius of Apameawas simply comparing the ideas of the different ancient cultures. Five centuries later Clement of Alexandria, in his Stromateismay have misunderstood Megasthenes to be responding to claims of Greek primacy by admitting Greek views of physics were preceded by those of Jews and Indians.

Indica (Megasthenes) – Wikipedia

He founded several large cities, introduced laws and established courts. Megasthenes praises India how gifted India were both historically and geographically. The various native names for these mountains include ParapamisosHemodos and Himaos the Himalayas.


McCrindleMegasthenes’ Indica describes India as follows:. The population of India is divided into 7 endogamous and hereditary castes: Mariam added it Megasthees 24, He described India in his book Indikawhich is now lostbut has been partially reconstructed from the writings of the later authors. Deimachus as ambassador to Bindusaraand Dionysiusas ambassador to Meggasthenes.

Indica (Megasthenes)

He had several sons and one daughter, who became rulers in different parts of his dominion. Fragments of Abydenus ‘s writings in Praeparatio evangelica. The Image of the Jews in Greek Literature: It is likely that Strabo sourced the rest of the text from sources other than Megasthenes: Uttam Singh Khatri added it Jun 14, Bosworthpp.

Like the Induca, they characterize him insica the club and the lion’s skin. Of these writers, Arrian speaks most highly of Megasthenes, while Strabo and Pliny treat him with less respect. After several years, the royal rule was replaced by democratic city states, although there existed a few kings when Alexander invaded India.

Megasrhenes marked it as to-read Nov 14, There are several differences between the accounts of Megasthenes and Diodorus: Megasthenes’ Indicaalong with Ctesias ‘ book of the same name, is among the earliest well-known Western accounts of India and he is regarded as one of the founders of the study of Indian history in the West.


Indica by Megasthenes

Diodorus described Ganges as 30 stadia wide; it is meyasthenes by other sources that Megasthenes described the median or minimum width of Ganges as stadia. Kosmin, Indica depicts contemporary India as an unconquerable territory, in order to justify Seleucus ‘s retreat from India.

It is purported to be an account of Mauryan India by Megasthenes. Shaun Tan rated it really liked it Dec 30, According to them, Herakles was a powerful man who subjugated evil beasts. A law, prescribed by ancient Indian philosophers, bans slavery.

Diodorus states that Indus may be the world’s largest river after Nile; Megasthenes as quoted by Arrian states that Ganges is much larger than Nile.

A History of India. Open Preview See a Problem?

Megasthenes resided in the Seleucid empire, apparently traveling to India as part of that country’s diplomacy. He had several sons and one daughter, who became rulers in different parts of his dominion.