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Whatpercentage of the total rice production in was constituted by Kolam rice? But remember, knowledge is a vast ocean.

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Come June and we were on our way to the Mecca of Management! Practised two ssix section paper, really not comfortable with that. The rest is history.

Our instinctive way of thinking about insanity – our intuitive psychiatry – is dead wrong. Which area s do you suggest need s improvement.

In a Kabaddi tournament, a team can win only integer number of points. I was confident in VA because of this I used to clear the cut-offs in mocks most of the time in VA while I failed in others.

Mocks started off with a 98 percentile, but slowly slipped to early 90s. You know you can do well but somehow you cannot. Psychologists have shown that simct many domains our instinctive intuitions are fallible though often adaptive. Sridhar on November 13, at I was under pressure as I had expectations, I knew this was one thing I could do well. Use the virtual keyboard provided to enter your answer. Can you please guide me how to work on it in these few days?


Some tutors even advised me to maximise my score in one subject rather than trying to balance the three it was hardly a month left for CAT Shyne on November 17, at 9: That does not make any sense.

I would like to thank my parents for everything that they have done for me, thank my girlfriend for being with me all along and showing the faith when I had lost it all.

Should I be expecting a call? And simfat rest, as they say, was history. Mohan stays in the Luxury room.

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Now I had something to cheer about. I thought I had done pretty well and went to my class looking for answers to the questions. The coaching class VA answer keys used to be as irritating as there were never any explanations that made sense.

Sharath, who was our EC branch topper and who had no inclination whatsoever for an MBA, came second in this Mysore district-level test.

Three competing hypotheses; which one is correct? In any case, even if this were true, it is not mentioned in the paragraph. Which of the following best describes this passage? This point does not apply so much to produce, but a lot of goods are packaged to ensure that we use the entire sijcat.

E and F, lie on the jogging track. Plus somehow I lost track of time at the start. I repeated the same performance. I looked 0212 the questions and just sat there.


The Moon, in this model, is an Earth bud broken free. I was just speechless at my luck.


Saral Agarwal on November 21, at 3: I prayed that this continued, and barring minor hiccups, it did. I chose December 4,and started looking through previous CAT papers at a fiendish rate. The joining date from my company came soon, and I came to Bangalore in July. What ums the average of the points scored by the opponent teams in these 8 matches against U-Mumba?

[2012] IMS Simcat 9:Scores & Discussions

Compare how easy it is to write a program that measures how many digits of pi have been calculated and stored in memory with how difficult it would be to create a program that reliably measures the degree of realization of some more meaningful goal – human flourishing, say, or global justice. On the other hand, [ii] definitely is, as the author makes it clear that whether or not an act is morally justifiable, it is still considered violence in his definition; and that the deliberate infliction of pain and harm is considered violence even if it does not involve death.

With a lot of courage I calculated my score later that evening, Quant: If someone has to complete the programme, which of the sijcat is not a valid statement?