Cichocka H., J.Z. Lichański, , Zarys historii retoryki, Warszawa. Foss S.K. Korolko M., , Sztuka retoryki. Perelman Ch., , Imperium retoryki, tł. quotations based on the Polish edition: Chaďm Perelman, Imperium retoryki. Retoryka i argumentacja [Empire of rhetoric. Rhetoric and argumentation]. Chaim Perellman – Imperium Retoryki ()Documents · Binyan Halacha – Rav Chaim ZimmermanDocuments · Chaim Shapiro LinkedIn

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Repeatedly used, the totalitarian thesis has become an argument, settling the court dispute. Sociotechnics of the courtroom Furthermore, according to Perelman: Their presence was aimed, natu- rally, to raise on the part of the defendants the feeling of threat.

The Rhetoric of Prudence in Stanisław Herakliusz Lubomirski’s De vanitate consiliorum

One should add that the philosopher agrees for pluralism in the cognition field; consequently, two counter-arguments can be acknowledged by the same audience. They were created for this purpose.

It was also based upon a forced testimony of two officers of the Home Army who knew the general from Kedyw Sloane, New York They served to discuss the argumentative abuse used by the courts during the Stalinist period. Argumentation aims at influencing the listeners, at modifying their beliefs and attitudes by means of speech whose goal is to obtain their The public prosecutor at the end of the trial of the Sixteen: Nowa retoryka [Legal logic.

According to Perelman, the argumentation on its basis must appeal to a specific imperihm of values.

Imperium retoryki: retoryka i argumentacja – Chaim Perelman – Google Books

This pro- blem also needs to be raised because according to Perelman, the theory of argumentation is procedural in nature Other argumentative techniques To complement the analysis, one may indicate three other rhe- toric methods pointed out by Perelman, which were in prac- tice misused by the communist courts. This means, inter alia, that each participant in the discourse should have the same privileges and be subject to the same restrictions.


See Aristotle, Retoryka…, op. Encyclopedic guide], Wiedza Powszechna, Warszawap. Howev- er, the basic criterion of acceptance of the rhetoric discourse is its reasonability that fulfils the function of the universal auditorium. A sim- ilar view was expressed, among others, by Paul Ricoeur, affected by the mechanisms of the Nazi propaganda dur- ing internment in the POW camp One can point out four of the most typical eristic methods, namely: On the other hand, the second example — the trial of Gener- al A.

Rhethoric Practice, part II practical exercises for students Kochanowski, Proces Szesnastu…, op. It was one of the most common arguments of the propagan- da, justifying the committed political crimes, which, as one can see, followed the scheme of the second of eristic methods.

Chaïm Perelman (1912–1984)

It is enough to think about a monop- oly of the means of communication, characteristic for abso- lute states, as well as about all possible means of enabling or preventing the contact between people State- ments about being a member of the Home Army and the authorities of the Polish Underground State, presented by the defendants, constituted the basis to draw the conclusion about anti-Soviet activity or about the murders on civilians and soldiers of the Red Army Communist eristic compared with rhetoric in the light of Ch.

Classical Virtue, Postmodern Practice, ed. According to Bentham, it is the only important argument when talking about acknowledging a particular legal norm. He was born in Warsaw, from where in his family emigrated to Belgium. Jankowski died of heart disease. The other defendants were subjected after the punishment to various repressions of the communist authorities in Poland In a similar context, Gustav Radbruch writes that positivism believes … that the legitimacy of the law is already proved by the fact that it has enough force in it to guarantee effectiveness.


Chaïm Perelman | LibraryThing

Ricoeur in the last period of creation. More importantly, however, one of the main objectives of Perelman was the development of the modern theory of legal argumentation, including judicial one.

The Soviet judges applied, inter alia, legal syllogism which was to guarantee indisputability of reasoning and to create the pretense of their objectivity The concept of a universal auditorium is essentially ideal and formal in nature. As mentioned above — eristic, from its definition, aims at 93 Case files, vol.

On eristic methods used by Stalinist courts… 19 The indictment included the following charges, divided into five chapters Greek rhethors after Aristotle: Footnotes and quotations based on the Polish edition: Nigel Jones, Countdown to Valkyrie: The essay has the following structure: Ultimately, only after few hours of the trial, the court decided: Nonetheless, the presentation below is only of an exemplary, illustrative character, taking into retorryki sideration that in the years — there were a dozen thousand similar politicized trials4.

Aristotle writes in the Treatise on Sophistic Evidence: Witwicki, Warszawa Quintilianus M. In the Soviet camp on 22 October there also died S.