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IEC Standard | Switches for appliances – Part Requirements for mechanical switches. This part of IEC applies to switches for appliances. The switches are intended to control electrical appliances and other equipment for. This part of IEC applies to electronic switching devices and shall be used in conjunction with the general requirements of IEC

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IEC 61058-1:2016

Compliance is checked by the dust test according to lEC NOTE 1 The temperature recordings may be used for comparative heating testa In the end apptjcallort under maximum ctirrent and cooling conditions. Search all products by. I – Altitude correction factors Altitude m Normal barometric pressure kPa Multiplication factor for clearances 2 For other protective devices, the resistive element is to be replaced by an equivalent impedance. NOTE 1 A switch having more than one circui!

The test is then carried out according to lEC as follows: The impulse withstand voltage test is carried out with a voltage having a 1.

Switches for appliances – Part 1: General requirements

Please first log in with a verified email before subscribing to alerts. Unless the installation of the electronic switch is made clear by the markings of the terminals, a vnrins diagram shall be provided with each switch. Switches where only the actuating member is accessible when mounted as declared are fixed to the metal plate shown in figure For switches where the marking of the switch position is impossible or leads to misunderstanding, for example rocker switches or push-button switches with more than one biased push-button, the direction of actuation s shall be marked.

Replaces IEC Testing and measurement techniques — Section 2: Then the switches are subjected to test cycles, each cycle having a duration of approximately 1 h. NOTE 2 Certain electronic switches for example, passive infrared switches – “PIR switches” with adjustable time delay devices should be adjusted in such a way that the delay time is higher than the testing time, NOTE 3 Measured values within the test limits are acceptable for the results until the situation on uncertainty measurements has been clarified.


IEC – Estonian Centre for Standardisation

Eic switch is mounted as declared by the manufacturer, end the pull-cord is subjected to a force, applied without jerks, first for 1 min in the normal direction, and then for 1 mm in a direction 45′ maximum from the normal direction. Clearance and creepage distance fequiremonts according to 20 1 and If again the resistor interrupts In the same way it is accepted as a fusing resistor for protection against the relevant fault condition.

Clearances, creepage distances, solid insulation and coatings of rigid printed board assemblies shall comply with the relevant subclauses Testing and measurement techniques — Section 6: Fixing screws for enclosures are tightened with a torque as specified in table Compliance is checked by applying ief test pin according to lECfigure 3, test probe C, through the hole. A saddle B cable tug or bar C stud D conductor space not specified Figure ie – Examples of saddle terminals A locking means B cable lug or bar E fixed part F stud Figure 4 – Examples of lug terminals A fixed part D conductor space not specified The bottom of the conductor space shall be slightly rounded m order to obtain a reliabfe connection.

When tested with maximum rated resistive current, the voltage is then increased to 1. The requirement of correct introdtjction is met if introduction of the screw In a slanting manner is prevented, for example, by guiding the screw by the part to be fixed, by a recess in the female thread or by the use of a screw with the leading thread removed.


The clearance and creepage distance requirements of 20 1 and NOTE 2 Attention ieec drawn to the fact 61058- the end product standards for appliances may contain additional or alternative requirements for switches.

For electronic switches, the eleclrical conditions are those specified in table Protection of low-voltage installations against faults between high-voltage systems and earth 3 Amendment 1 Amendment 2 I EC ‘ S, Electrical installations of buildings – Part 4: Use of coatings to achieve insulation coordination of printed board assemblies lEC If the unjoinled lest finger then enters fte opening, the test is repeated with the jointed finger in the angled position.

The Pt value may bo limited by using an open wire fuse, an ignitron or other suitable devices.

NOTE 7 Attention is drawn to the fact that solenoid operated pneumatic means may result in an unintentional synchronization. Type of ioad- Incandescent lamp ioad.

Worldwide Standards We can source any standard from anywhere in the world. The different types of tests uec specified in If the temperature of the switch is limited by the operation of automatic protective devices including fusesthe temperature is measured 2 min after the operation of the device.

S Immersion tune 2 s to 3 s 4 6. Electrostatic discharge immunity test. Compliance Is checked by inspection, by manual test and by the appropriate tests of clause 1 1. Fluorescent lamp load Transformer connection. For the purpose of testing for certification, standard test circuit conditions have been established which are representative of typical circuits in the application.

The shape of the btada of the test screwdriver must suit the head of the screw to be tested.