IEC standards compilation dowload here file. IEC Common Specifications For High-Voltage Switchgear and . File Type: zip. PDF | Standard IEC for high-voltage switchgear and controlgear standards is still applicable for EMC Sorry, there is no online preview for this file type. The switch gear shall comply with IEC , , , , and . One set of reproducible print on C.D disk AutoCAD file type plus one set of.

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Some terms may not be place names, e. If evaporation or seepage are notable outflows, they may be included.

A hashed version of the full standard InChI – designed to create an identifier that encodes structural information and can also be practically used in web searching. International Standard Serial Number print or electronic. Use “spouse” for married couples.

Manchu household register for people of the Qing Dynasty. Online “Mendelian Inheritance in Man” catalogue codes for diseases, genes, or phenotypes. It may also be an enclave. For civilian ships, the primary port from which the ship operates. For warships, this will be the ship’s assigned naval flietype. If he is also an on-field manager use P instead.

Use ‘manner of death’ P for broadest category, e. This is generally painted on the ship’s stern for the “home port”, see Property: To add the number, use Property: P “street number” as qualifier.

Use property P if there is no item for the street. To be used as a qualifier of Property: P “located on street”. Superseeded by Nickel-Strunz ’10th ed’. Use fietype one item per site, link parts with property “has part” P Use two-digit state code followed by three digit county code.

Standard Occupational Classification code for US jobs version. International Standard Classification of Occupations code. URL of a web page containing the full text for this item. BAG code filwtype Dutch residencies “woonplaats”, mostly municipalities. Identifier for a place in the MusicBrainz open music encyclopedia. Relationship between entry and subject must be supported by a source. Explicitly state white light W. Record number for entries in the LoC bibliographic catalog for authority records use P Handle System identifier, which is a superset of the DOI.


Iconclass code that corresponds with an artistic theme or concept. For artworks, use P depicts Iconclass notation. Iconclass code depicted in an artwork. For linking Iconclass codes with their corresponding artistic themes or concepts, use P Iconclass notation. Norway Import Service and Registration Authority periodical code. Norway Import Service and Registration Authority publisher code.

OpenStreetMap tagging schema a Key: Don’t use to add film items. Instead, add actors as cast on items for films the participated in.

KLfG Critical Dictionary of foreign contemporary literature. Not be confused with place of birth or place of residence. Terminologia Anatomica edition human anatomical terminology identifier.


For an administrative entity this includes offshore islands. For administrative entities this includes offshore islands. Also a total number of matches a player officially appeared in during the whole career. Use P for league points. Use P structure replaces for structures. Use P follows if 60649 previous item was not replaced or if predecessor and successor are identical.

Used in conjunction with ‘has cause’ i. Used in conjunction with ‘has cause’ and ‘has immediate cause’. Use on items for filetyep names. Modeling causes’ for examples and discussion. Could be displayed in addition to the label, if language has a different script. Add primarily the closest matching one. Belgian municipality codes maintained by Statistics Belgium. Used when precise data on number of deaths and number of injured is unavailable. Hermann-Mauguin notation of the mineral’s symmetry element short form.

Identifier for artists in the Information Center for Israeli Art. Reference for a species in the checklist of over 2, species British lepidoptera. A qualifier should be used to identify the calendar that is being used.

Distinguish from “feast day” P: Proportional ratio of a linear dimension of a model, map, etc, to the same feature of the original – 1: Use 1 for lifesize.

Wikidata:Database reports/List of properties/all/sv

The families of flowering plants. Wikimedia category for people with a burial site within this area. Wikimedia category for people associated with this place.

When using on property constraints, ensure syntax is compatible with PCRE. International Standard Industrial Classification code Rev. For graves, use grave picture P The item’s value on the Perry Index primarily for fables attributed to Aesop.


Wikimedia page with the list of characters for this work. Use P as qualifier if there’s more than one value. Dictionary of Medieval Names from European Sources entry. This property should link a fieltype and a disease and indicate that a decreased expression of the gene is found in the disease. This property should link a gene and a disease due to a deletion.

This property should link a gene and a disease due to a duplication. This property should link a gene and a disease due to an insertion. This property should link a gene and a disease due to an inversion. This property should link a gene and a disease due to a substitution.

This property should link a gene and a disease due to an altered posttranslational modification. Identifier for a person in the Encyclopaedia Metallum database. NOT specific animals, not for any geographic location. Identifier of a person in the Hansard database, indexing speeches in the British parliament both Commons and Lords.

Use point in time P as qualifier and should be used with a source. Commons iiec for photos taken with that camera model or model line. French government database indexing all french soldier war casualties.

e-cigré > Publication > Guide for application of IEC and IEC Part I

Use qualifiers to specify the measurement conditions. Object ID to identify cultural heritage monuments in Brandenburg, Germany. Identifier for a person, in the Crunchbase database of companies and start-ups, operated by TechCrunch.

Identifier for an organisation, in the Crunchbase database of companies and start-ups, operated by Oath Tech. Q a person usually a politician is to serve in a particular office. Do not add bounds. Add qualifier for measurement method P Not equal to fire point. Provide solvent P and temperature P as qualifiers. Identifier in the Filetyppe database of authors, created by the National Book Centre of Greece, many Greek individual publishers and their professional filegype.

Numeric author identifier within the Vegetti Catalog of Fantastic Literature.

Use “unknown value” for current date.