Ibn-Al-Arabi: The Bezels of Wisdom(Series – Classics of Western Spirituality Series) by Muhyi Al-din Muhammad Ibn, ‘ali Ibn Al-, ‘arabi from (usually translated as the “Bezels of Wisdom”) as the quintessence of his writings Ibn ‘Arabî is also the author of a work called Naqsh al-fusûs (the “Imprint” or. The author of the Fuṣūṣ al-ḥikam or The Bezels of Wisdom was born on the twenty-seventh of Ramadan in A.H. , or the seventh of August, A.D. , in the.

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You have also learned to know his rank as the all- synthesizing [form] by which he merits the [divine] Regency. Were you to look on Him bezesl you, His Unity would vanish in your being you.

Ibn Al-Arabi’s Fusus Al-Hikam: An Annotated Translation of “The Bezels of Wisdom”

He is accepted as manifested on the intellectual plane as also in the imagination, but direct vision sees true. He will be born in the land of China and will speak the language of that land. I call to Godwhich is the de- This is by no means as simple as it sounds, since it is not a question of the one being active and dominant while the latter is passive and dominated, as often tends to be assumed in our consciousness-oriented society, but there is rather a relationship of mutual conditioning going on by which each, at once, experiences and determines the other.

The receiving prophet himself is of divine origin inasmuch as he is identified essentially and in an unfathomable way with the prototype of the prophet.

I asked of God that, both in this matter and wisdkm all conditions, He might number me among those of His servants over whom Satan has no authority.

Nicholson, The Mystics of IslamLondon,chap. During this period the Arab world became an intellectual center for science, philosophy, medicine and education; the Abbasids championed the cause of knowledge and established the House of Wisdom Bait-ul-Hikmat at Baghdad, where both Oof and non-Muslim scholars sought to translate and gather all the world’s knowledge into Arabic, and also the second court language Persian. And to God do you return!

Ibn Al Arabi – Ralph Austin : PaulistPress

Thus, He forbade excesses [relative existence], ibn-al-agabi is, He prevented the real secret from being known, namely that He is the essential Self of things.


Ishmael was well pleasing to his Lord because he had come to know what we have mentioned, just as every created being is well pleasing.

As for the Seal of Saints, he is the Saint, the Heir, the one whose [knowledge] derives from the Source, the one who beholds all levels [of Being]. Later in 12th century the renown Western monk Abelard introduced what Westerners call “Arabic Numerals” to Europe, but which the Arabs themselves termed “Hindsi” or “Indian Numerals,” indicating their true origin.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. This [knowledge] cannot be arrived at by the intellect by means of any rational thought process, for this kind of perception comes only by a divine disclosure from which is ascertained the origin of the forms of the Cosmos receiving the spirits. What you need is a primer [of the spiritual life]. Thus, the notions of God and Lord are not related to that of divine Essence.

His death is a subject of legend, some saying he died in prison for writing blasphemous verse, others that he died in a whorehouse, some saying he was murdered in reprisal for lampooning a powerful court personage, and still others that he died peacefully in his sleep in the home of a learned Shi’ite scholar.

The AslTarites did indeed discover it for certain things, namely accidents, as did also the Sophists for the Cosmos as a whole. All things of this kind come within the realm of the Imagination, because of which they are interpreted. As for degree, it belongs to the heirs of Muhammad. The Reality is the subject and not the object of the Mercy, so that the latter has no determining power with respect to the Reality.

Ibn Al-‘Arabi invites us in these pages to explore the inner spiritual meanings of the Quran, its heartful meanings. Their service is one of their own states that they are in in their [eternal] essences.

The Bezels of Wisdom

Ibn AlArabi gives an incredible perspective, and is most certainly worth trying to understand. Consider well in what way you are real and in what way [part of] the Cosmos, as being separate, other, and so on.

Does it agree with what is arrived at by speculative thought? Aug 12, Robert Sheppard rated it really liked it Shelves: The qiblah is the direction toward which the Muslim turns in prayer.


The only caution I have for the book is that it isn’t the kind of book to pick up as an introduction to Sufism. Indeed, the Lord is, in obn-al-arabi reality and qualification, none other than this Essence.

If you insist only on His transcendence, you restrict Him, And if you insist only on His immanence you limit Him. This is expressed in another way in the chapter headings.

He draws them along by their forelocks, while the wind drives them [from behind] to Hell, [the driver] being none other than their own desires and inclinations, and Hell the distance they imagined [to be between bszels and the Reality].

Being a Sufi and all, I pretty much have to give Ibn Arabi a five. Afifi, Mystical Philosophyp. Aug 08, Raqib is currently reading it. Indeed, the Reality has no [true] description better than this chapter, al-Ikhlas y xs9 which was revealed precisely for this reason. In relation to it the angels are as the psychic and physical faculties in the human formation.

Ibn Al-Arabi’s Fusus Al-Hikam: An Annotated Translation of “The Bezels of Wisdom” – CRC Press Book

In contradiction to this, however, the right sometimes reflects the right and reversion takes place. They are not aware of what they are about, while ibn-l-arabi are in the And we are for Him as vessels.

Fortunately, this new wife ibna-l-arabi also well acquainted with men of great piety and clearly shared with her husband his aspiration to follow the Sufi path. The translation of these twenty seven chapters is preceded by an introduction that explains the main ideas of Ibn al-Arabi and is accompanied by explanatory notes to the text.

Since he saw himself as filling the gap, ibn-al-arzbi is the Seal of Saints who is the two bricks and who completes the wall. Beware of comparing Him if you profess duality, And, if unity, beware of making Him transcendent. When he asked the The translation is absolutely wonderful. It is by His Name, the Light that it is perceived.