Useful tips and advice to do the motorcycle’s maintenance. For a professional service please contact one of our Ducati’s dealers. View and Download DUCATI HYPERMOTARD S owner’s manual online. HYPERMOTARD S Motorcycle pdf manual download. View and Download Ducati Hypermotard owner’s manual online. Ducati Hypermotard Motorcycle Owner’s manual. Hypermotard Motorcycle pdf manual.

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Since there is no mechanical connection between the throttle twistgrip and the throttle body, the ECU can adjust power delivery by directly affecting throttle opening angle. Adjust the pedals as follows: Work pedal by hand to make sure it has 1. Brake and clutch fluid must be topped up and changed at the intervals specified in the scheduled maintenance table contained in the Warranty Booklet; please contact a Ducati Dealer or Authorized Fig Service Center.

Tool kit and accessories The tool kit 2 and helmet anti-theft cable are located under the seat 1. These numbers identify the motorcycle model and should always be indicated when ordering spare parts. Don’t show me this message again. Add to basket.


Refueling Refueling Attention Refuel the motorcycle in an open area and with the In case of malaise caused by prolonged engine switched off. Page 61 During the whole running-in period, the maintenance and service rules recommended in the Warranty Card should be observed carefully. The bulb 4 has a bayonet base: Throttle twistgrip The twistgrip 1 on the right handlebar opens the throttles.


Top-ups Top-ups Type of fluid cu dm litres Fuel tank, including a reserve of 3.

Protective Apparel Ducati does not manufacture sidecars or trailers and cannot predict the effects of hyoermotard accessories on handling or stability, but can only warn that the effects will be adverse Do not allow inexpert riders or those not in possession of an Attention authorized driver’s license to ride the motorcycle. Introduction Safety guidelines Important Your safety and that of others are very important.

Engine rpm indicator RPM This function shows engine rpm. The maps available for download are: To enable this function, enter the menu and set the “LAP” function to “On” by holding button 1, fig. B x 3 sec Enter the menu and go to page “cod”. Hypermorard The Motorcycle Starting the motorcycle Attention Before starting the engine, become familiar with the controls you will need to use when riding.

See the seller’s listing for full details. While holding the rear end of the seat 2insert the central fixing point by pushing on it. Place the motorcycle opposite a wall or a screen, 10 meters apart from it, then draw a horizontal line dictated by headlamp centre and a vertical one in line with the longitudinal axis of motorcycle.

2015 Ducati Hypermotard SP — Owner’s Manual

Traction Control intervention level and, if necessary, disabling it. Closing Tighten the plug 1 with the key inserted and push it down into its seat.

Even weight distribution is critical to preserving these safety features and avoiding mabual when performing sudden manoeuvres or riding on bumpy roads. Important Improper chain tension will lead to rapid wear of transmission parts. Braking Braking control unit keeps controlling the brake until the risk of a lockup disappears.


Ducati Hypermotard SP – Owner’s Manual – Pages – PDF

If you park in a garage or other indoor area, make sure that there is proper ventilation and that the motorcycle is not near a source of heat. A “symphony” of performance.

Note To move the key to the last two positions, press it down before hypermptard it. To activate the Hazard function i. In closing this window, by clicking on OK or accessing any feature within this site you are consenting to the use of cookies. Terms and conditions apply. Note Do not touch the transparent part of the new bulb with the hands.


Page During the entire Break-in period, carefully observe the indications on the scheduled maintenance chart and servicing recommendations in hypermotardd Warranty Booklet. Turn the rear wheel until you find the position where chain is tightest.

Tampering Warning Problems that may affect motorcycle emissions escape of fuel vapors from the throttle body and fuel tank. Starting The Engine Starting the engine Warning Before starting the engine, become familiar with the controls you will need to use when riding see page