Discover the latest imaginative adventure from the master of d20 psionics! During play, Hyperconscious: Explorations in Psionics unveils valuable game material. Hyperconscious has 6 ratings and 0 reviews. Hyperconscious: Explorations In Psionics (Dungeons & Dragons D20 Fantasy Roleplaying. Hyperconscious: Explorations in Psionics, not only updates Mindscapes to , but also includes an adventure and updates to the mechanics.

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For those looking for psionic material for their 3. The third is an update of the Mindscapes psionic combat system. Books by Bruce R.

Hyperconscious: Explorations in Psionics | RPG Item | RPGGeek

From the back cover: This material is now fully compatible with the Expanded Psionics Handbook—and Hyperconscious is the only place you can find the updates and the new adventure all in one convenient volume. The adventure is short and can be finished quickly but allows the GM to add many psionic-based elements to his game quickly for those interested exploratione it.

The interior is black-and-white. Reset Fields Log in.

Against living creatures who bestow negative levels with powers, spells, or items, the feedback arc bestows one negative level. Astral dragoons gain no additional proficiency in any weapon or armor.


One thing from the older books you won’t see here is a repeat of the If Thoughts Could Kill spell-to-power conversion. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Again, most of the entries are updates or supporting the adventure.

Hyperconscious: Explorations In Psionics by Bruce R. Cordell

If an undead is outside her line of sight, then she discerns its direction but not its exact location. First, the book starts with an adventure, Shades of Delusion, adventure for four 7th level characters. Psicrystal staves and synaptic masks make a return from Mindscapes.

That said, the mindscapes system required little upgrading to use with the XPH. The feat has become more narrow in this incarnation, requiring the user to select a specific power to which is applies. This text is quoted from promotion material.

The unofficial errata of the XPH dominate power hy;erconscious here. Even worse, while market price is hyperfonscious, caster cost in gold and experience points is missing. Lists with This Book. For example, chapter three covers Mindscape Psionic Combat. Explorations in Psionics, not only updates Mindscapes to 3. Explorations in Psionics Average Rating: Inside this exciting new book you’ll find: Explorations in Psionics Thursday, 31st May, The cover has a bright orange background with a meditating or concentrating robed woman surrounded by fire.


The fact that it updates game mechanics from an older book that was an adventure and many people might not have bought is a bonus. A number of dream related feats support the adventure dream theme.

Hyperconscious: Explorations In Psionics

Some other powers that had no previous scaling like avaunt which provides intimidate bonuses now provide increased benefits with the expenditure of additional power points. One of the seven sages of the former Oraculus hired the party to travel to the former site of the Oraculus, where they discover the crater is a gateway to the so-called Shallows, a series of minor dream realms that the Oraculus used to draw its prophecy.

Results 1 to 3 of 3. That said, I was glad to see them included for the basic concept of the psicrystal staff is more than just a psionic version of a magical staff. You can edit this page to create it.