HttpUnit is an open source test framework for web applications which can provide browser specific behaviour like sending request to the We are using Spring sts , JDK 8, HttpUnit JUnit Tutorial for Unit Testing. 4. However if you’re a programmer who just got the job to create functional or unit tests, you’ll find HttpUnit a much more enjoyable and programmer-friendly toolkit. HttpUnit allows us to test navigating through our JSPs by clicking links and buttons and filling out forms. In this tutorial, we will explain.

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Struts actions can be unit tested with StrutsUnit, and WebWork 2 actions can be unit tested without a web container for example. While using HttpUnit will not replace manual testing, it is nevertheless a great way to create automated tests programmatically, with much more freedom than the typical visual test scripting environments. That httpynit, first you are tuhorial to write and execute a test for the next piece of functionality to be added, verify that the test fails demonstrating that the functionality is not in placeand then implement the functionality and verify that the test now passes.

With this code in place, the first test will now pass and we can move to the next task.

As is typical in a web application, the tutorjal logic is contained within the servlet, rather than the JSP. This process reduces the likelihood that you will procrastinate and skip some of the tests. This tutorial should help you to learn to use HttpUnit to develop and test your web sites. This way the developers and the management can see the status ttutorial the application.


Create a JSP file file example1. It also pre-fills the value of the name field if necessary.

Pay particular attention to the todo comments. Tutorial Organization Each section of the tutorial will address a specific use thtpunit the system, and show how HttpUnit and ServletUnit can be used to write tests which verify that functionality. ServletUnit does not maintain a database of users, no any username tutoriql accepted, and the password is interpreted as a comma-separated list of role names associated with the user.

That’s exactly what HttpUnit provides: This tool is based on Unit which is also Java based free testing tool. Searching for the Holy Grail of software development So concentrate on verifying the functionality of the web application, rather than checking everything possible on the page. I have created a bat file addtoppath.

HttpUnit Tutorial

Home Programming Java extreme programming. Most scenarios can be handled quite easily by setting WebForm parameters, and then looking for specific elements with results in the WebResponse pages, but there are always some challenging Test Cases. I this example we will develop a program to access the JSP file from tomcat server running locally.

In case an Exception occurred, or an assertion failure happened, it will display a very distressing red line. At this point, the tests including tutoeial of the old tests should pass.

5.10 Submitting Form Data

It could be done, given an infinite amount of time for the test development, but a good human tester can assess these things way more efficiently. HttpUnit enables the programmers to write the test script to test web applications. Normally the TC specification already contains most of the system state and specific parameter descriptions for our scenario, so there’s no point making everything parameterizable in the implementation.


Once all scores have been entered, the administrator posts the results. When everything was OK during the test run, it will give us a nice green line.

Invoking the Pool Editor

It’s better tuutorial select a Form to submit based on its ID: As for various MVC framework based components, these are better suited for testing with other test frameworks. For example, if we assert specific page titles, our tests will probably not run if the language is selectable in the application, and we want to verify a different language deployment.

Abstract There are many expensive or free tools to create automated test scripts for web applications. Architecture of HttpUnit HttpUnit consists of two core components: So any automated test run should be executed on a cleanly built system, using a fresh database, which may already contain some test data specified in the Test Cases.

The user may change his bet until the pool is closed. It is possible to just simulate the behavior of a casual web site visitor, just clicking on interesting links, and reading pages in a random order, but the result of these random scripts would httpknit describe the completeness and the quality of the application.

It is a good practice to aim for similar sized scenarios – larger scenarios can be broken down to smaller chunks. Creating a client which can access the application and maintain state across multiple invocations.

If that happens, your test fails.