HP 8552B PDF

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The scan should trigger on the video signal. TableTest instruments other than those listed may be used if their performance equals or 8552 that of the equipment listed.

Refer to the RF Section manuals for speci- fic operating instructions. The compensation amplifier is feedback controlled and has a basic gain of four.

HP Agilent Mainframe 141T Display 8555a Spectrum Analyzer RF 8552b If Section

Please contact us to complete your request. Increase the D to 50 dB.

When the 852b sections separate at the front panel, raise the upper section until it is above the lower section by two or three inches at the front panel. Then the kHz bandwidth is checked.

Test Gear Maintenance – G1SLE .

Other Packaging Materials Vary R42 on A5 to adjust the oscillator to 47 MHz. The summing and shaping circuits are then adjusted by applying dc offsets and adjusting for a linear 47 MHz LO sweep. Assemble four Crystal Filter bypass networks from parts listed below: This had resulted in several faults in the PSU section, but the whole thing was fixed in only a few hours using Repairs to this sort of stuff are much easier if you have a service manual.


Signal should tune continuously. While the analyzer is warming up make the following control settings: In parts B and C, when the wafer is viewed as being a flexible, stretchable material, the transition from wafer to straight-line presenta- tion begins to be obvious. The first, System Test and Troubleshooting Procedure, is designed to quickly isolate the cause of a malfunction to a cir- cuit or assembly.

This section 855b2 information for adapting this mcinual 85552b instruments for which the content does not apply directly. Repeat steps 6 through 8 until trace is split by graticule in each step.

The C Sweep Oscillator with appropriate plug-ins could be used instead of the A to provide swept np up to 18GHz. Connect the test setup as shown in Figure Signal levels shown are typical.

Spectrum Analyzer System 141T / 8552B / 8554B

Change the figure as shown in the partial schematics of Figures and If readings are incorrect, check Q25, Q26 and associated components. Extender Connections Calibrator Output cont’d 1. Set analyzer controls as follows: The center frequency of the last four stages is referenced to the first stage, then all five stages are nulled. The following general instructions 852b be used for repackaging with commercially available materials.


Total scan time 85552b read on the HP L and should be 2. N6WKDec 22, If the meter readings are correct proceed to step QIf the meter readings are not correct, repair the variable gain amplifier and repeat the test.

A7R24 to ohm potentiometer. Probable cause of trouble is in the analogic circuit or switching circuits.

In any correspondence or telephone conversation, refer to your instrument by its model number and full serial ho. See Service Sheets 14, 15, and Make the following analyzer control settings: Specifications of test equipment and accessories required to performance-test the analyzer are given in Table Change the description of: Service Sheet 14 Component Locations: The log h; linear amplifier circuits are calibrated by varying the signal amplitude by known increments.

Test Equipment and Accessories Required.