Learn how to use the lensatic compass used by the US Military. Plotting a bearing on a map using a round lensatic compass. Sighting the bearing. To determine our location we are going to combine two pieces of information. Use a compass to explore, navigate, map terrain and travel around the Engineers, the engineer compass is also called a lensatic compass.

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How to Calculate Azimuth. Using a compass we can sight a bearing to our cabin across the lwnsatic. As long as you can hold the compass level and steady, the exact grip doesn’t matter. The need to carefully orient the map, and the precautions about metal in the vicinity of the compass makes this type of plotting more difficult than most other methods.

What Are the Parts of a Sextant? Things Needed Engineer lensatic compass. Rough direction to the cabin.

Warning Always double check your compass readings. So the tritium will continue emitting “light” for quite a long time before it goes completely dark.

In your case, however, your declination is degrees West, meaning you’ll have to add degrees before you set your compass. Some of the components’ terms are used in the explanations below. How to Calculate Height With Sextant. After reading compasw two articles anyone should be able to go out and perform basic land navigation with a map and lensatic compass.

Lensatic Compass Guide

Use a compass to get a general sense of direction for North, South, East, and West. That’s the heading that you need to move along to reach your desired end or way point. This is a low level radioactive isotope that is used in a multitude of applications where self-powered illumination is necessary. Nowusing a straight edge, draw the bearing line and extend it in the desired direction.


This means that at around the 12 year mark, the tritium in your lensatic compass will have radiated about half the hoa that it has to offer.

Lensatic Compass Guide

Like any skillit is good to practice navigating with a lensatic compass before your life depends on it. To determine our location we are going to combine two pieces of information on our map. Determining a Bearing, or “Shooting an Azimuth”. Avoid magnetic fields from magnets, electrical appliances, iron or automobile engines.

Depending on which text editor you’re pasting into, tp might have to add the italics to the site name. Two parts of this line include the sighting wire, which you can align with things that are visible on the map, and the center of the rotating compass card. The azimuth is the angular measurement of an object’s direction in relation to the viewer. A compass is a floating magnetic needle that always points toward a magnetic north pole.

Generally once you have drawn your own Magnetic North line, you will not need to do this again on this map sheet for many years. I’ll get around to com;ass one of these days. Start by putting your thumb through the thumb loop and putting your index finger alongside the compass, similar to the cheek method.

Perhaps this is why most military personnel are trained to plot bearings using a protractor on a Coordinate Scale and Protractor tool.

  ISO IEC 90003 PDF

When we plot the bearing on our map, tl location will be where compaass line between our location and the cabin crosses the shoreline of the lake. To check your process, and even add a little more accuracy to it, find another feature and perform the same steps. Note that we are using the magnetic dial in the compass. Use the engineer compass to find the direction by lining up the compass with an object.

Hold a compass level and steady to prevent the needle from touching the sides of the globe or the dial face. You need to write things down, draw lines, perform math, and make sure you do so with a reasonable degree of accuracy.

Then, compsss where you are, shoot an azimuth to the feature as accurately as possible, and calculate the back azimuth from that reading. But a compass can never lose connection to the GPS satellites and will never run out of batteries. The reason you want to set up the compass rather than just keep your eyes on the landmark is because your vision may become obscured.

Watch this video on YouTube There are different ways of holding the compass.

We will be plotting our bearing relative to Magnetic North, so there is no need to adjust for a different north reference.