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Andy rated it it was ok Oct 03, Lo que recuerda y lo que no recuerda.

Return to Book Page. And of course, one should go back to Conrad’s Nostromo, the novel that gave Vasquez his title. Lists with This Book. He often apologises about there being no real timeline or structure, and he’s right.

It felt like this is how someone who had lived through the events would feel. Then the author describes the events that lead to Antonia de Narvaez and the birth and early life of Jose, the narrator.

The attention is focused on the French attempt to build a canal to link the Pacific and Atlantic through the then Colombian province of Panama, and the subsequent US support for the secession of Panama to form an independent republic in A history, a love story Beginning in the last century, driven by French ideas and American dollars and the world’s desires, the Panamanian isthmus was crossed first by railroad and then by the monstrous undertaking of an ocean to ocean canal.

She came with her family to build the Canal, but after their death and her almost death she created a new life with Jose and Eloisa, yet she was murdered by a deserter who didn’t want to be caught and was anyway.

Historia Secreta De Costaguana by Juan Gabriel Vasquez | eBay

There is humor, even if he never shies from the grizzly truths of war. While not as lean or historoa with horror as his better known Heart of Darkness, it has the humid smell of the tropics in its sometimes ponderous pages.

I gradually perfected my interrogator’s technique, and Anotnia de Narvaez softened like potatoes in a stew before the insistence of my questions” Altamirano is persuaded to tell his personal life story and the story of Colombia while Conrad takes notes and that story becomes the basis of Nostromo. A big theme is the story of individuals versus that of Big Historical Events, and what gets forgotten as opposed to remembered.


A disappointment for me as I’d really appreciated an earlier book by this author.

Still it helps to have some passing understanding of each before embarking on the journey. Returning to the country after his father’s death with his new bride, Charles sees an opportunity to make the mine work, and does–to the detriment of his life, his wife, and his companions. Which leads me to the second theme of the book: You watch as Miguel’s obsession with the Railroad and the Canal grows and Jose discovers Miguel’s gift of journalism and event twisting.

Historia Secreta de Costaguana

By the end, the silver has destroyed a woman’s soul and taken two men’s lives. It was inspired by the geography and history of Colombia, where Conra A bold historical novel from “one of the most original new voices of Latin American literature” Mario Vargas Llosa, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature.

He could have stopped the cession of the Panama territory, but chose not to. Costaguana is the fictional Colombian state that serves as the setting for that book. The Secret History of Costaguana was definitely a good read! You’ll see, with the passing of the years and the reflection on the subjects of this book, which I’m now writing, I have discovered what undoubtedly comes as no surprise to anyone: Squirrel rated it it was ok Dec 16, Stanford Lamberg rated it it was ok Oct 03, He was born a bastard; followed his father’s life and story; made a family and watched as it broke apart; took part in a revolution that he cared nothing about; told his story and it was twisted and he died having lived for nothing and regretting many decisions that he made.

Except for some historical facts, it could interest me, it didn’t make me want to know the rest of the story. Jose, as an unintentional witness to the Great Events of the revolution plays an integral part in the revolution that splits Panama from Colombia.


Los amantes de Todos los Santos: In other words, leave it all in my hands. The translation by Anne McLean was excellent. He becomes another victim of the challenges of history. I did not get along well with the narrative style of this book.

I admit I have never read Joseph Conrad’s Nostromobut after reading this book, it is definitely going on my “to be read” list. Through various anecdotes, scraps of history, and personal recollections, we read about an unconventional hiwtoria from the son of an unconventional union: I have to say costaguaan this book grew on me.

I have not read McCullough’s book myself, but have discussed it with my husband who read it, it being a paper book I could no longer read.

Historia secreta de Costaguana by Juan Gabriel Vásquez (2 star ratings)

Meanwhile our main character meets a French woman and has a daughter but experiences personal tragedy as collateral damage in the endless political wars. Es un libro que se puede leer y disfrutar sin conocimientos previos, pero que se vuelve una verdadera joya conociendo un poco de la historia colombiana y habiendo tenido contacto con otros libros. He approaches the shore, loads his cannons, and fires nine times” Angela rated it it was ok Nov 04, Emilia rated it it was ok Dec 02, A bold historical novel from “one of the most original new voices of Latin American literature” Mario Vargas Llosa, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature.

The speed with which names and events are thrown at you is daunting. You watch as Miguel’s obsession with the Summary: It is an interesting idea for a book and in the end I understood what it was trying to tell me.