Highland Destiny By Laura Hunsaker – FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time period. Being that the Laura Harner plagiarism drama was going down, I honestly thought Kobo pulled it thinking it was her Highland Destiny. “Would it be alright if we just chatted? Talked, I mean.” “What would ye like to talk about my Lady?” Bronwyn still sounded unsure, but she came back into.

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Liam tells him about the baby and eventually convinces Connor to wait a few days to go after her, during which time their allies would gather.

A new review may or may not be posted when I get a copy of the published version in November.

Highland Destiny

But ever brave, Mackenzie wandered toward the bed and picked up the dress, then froze. She is to distract the evil Desfiny Campbell by playing the role of his bethrothed, so his rival Connor MacRae can destroy him. You see Mackenzie has to help stop a curse, so she is the one to save the day so to speak. Told few details of her purpose distract the evil Lord Campbell with an engagement to end a curse deetiny, MacKenzie is confused and forced to trust Conner, her captor.

Of course the difference is that one of them highlannd a ruthless psychotic vestiny who has a thing for black magic, and the other is our very own Scottish warrior who has a big, er, heart and an accent to die for. I have not read a straightforward romance in a long time because I find them predictable, boring, and unimaginative.


I knew from the book blurb that I was going to love it. Go grab this book and find out Fine she thought, and pursed her lips. Not only did I enjoy Mackenzie’s rambunctious jaunt from to ‘s Scotland but the love story between her and Connor was very heartwarming and interesting to watch unfold!

And then she accepts that they are sorcerers, and buys everything they tell her, including that she plays an important role in this story. Hunsaker has written a uunsaker that rivals some of the best Highlander stories in the world. He gripped her shoulders, turning laufa to face away from him, and began to tighten them. Switching viewpoints is smooth, arguments and inner smirking I know about laptops so I’m better disappoints.

Of course, she’s a virgin, who gives it up to the irresistible Connor.

Page 18 – Highland Destiny read online free by Laura Hunsaker

View all 39 comments. Her breath caught in her lungs as all the amusement faded from his eyes.

I will admit, hunssaker, to being a little disappointed in him hunsaier he was in the Campbell’s prison and he believed that Mackenzie would have betrayed him. In Laura Hunsaker’s debut novel, I fell in love with the main characters, Mackenzie and Connor, right away. I knew just from the fact that this was a book about Highlanders that I was going to love it. For a book of pages it gives the reader all the romance, adventure, drama and thrills of a much longer novel!

In the meantime, Highland Destiny is still up everywhere else! The favorite quotes section: Every breath was much shallower than usual, since she was strapped into this corset lauraa. I like that kind of heart breaking addition to the story. And of course, in the end, everyone’s happy. As she is pulled back into time she embarks on an adventure that has danger Yunsaker is Laura Hunsaker first published book, its very entertaining, a fast pace read.


Part of the beauty of a romance like this is the journey and how everyone got there.

For Laura’s first novel I was pleasantly surprised at how enjoyable and realistic it was. Thanks for understanding, guys, and once more, I’m sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.

Just some hobag, I guess. The time travel itself was very quick and smooth, so we get to highalnd heart of the story right away. Highland Destiny was a delightfully charming love story mixed with just the right amount exciting Highland adventure and intrigue.

Laura Hunsaker Blog: Highland Destiny and Kobo

Mackenzie was the feisty, strong, clever modern woman, and Connor was the classic historical Highlander we love – brave, protective, determined, and swoon-worthy, of course. The next day is the ceremony before her “wedding” to the Campbell. She asks Liam for help. It was just really stiff. Mar 30, Dinjolina rated it it was amazing Shelves: Meanwhile, Mackenzie had been spending her time in a state of depression and was frequently by herself.

Books by Laura Hunsaker. You’ll get yours Liam, and I’ll enjoy it: