April 10, – This page contains mnemonics for the kanji taught in the first six years of school in Japan (i.e. kanji), as developed by. Kenneth G. Henshall. · Rating details · ratings · 17 reviews. This is a one -of-a-kind kanji study guide that introduces joyo kanji along with detailed. Henshall Kanji Mnemonics. This page contains mnemonics for the kanji taught in the Kanji, Number, Mnemonic. 一, 1, one finger. 右, 2, right hand to the mouth.

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If you are new to learning Japanese, read the Starter’s Guide. This is a reference book, so I have not read it cover to cover, but I use it every single day, and have done for almost a year now. Want to add to the discussion?

Potato rated it liked it Dec 01, Heisig probably works better for mnemonic purposes, but frankly, mnemonics are a terrible way to learn kanji in general. There is a story to each kanji–and when you know the story it is much easier to remember each kanji. Also, each kanji has a little paragraph about the kanji’s entymology that is helpful in seeing where the modern characters have come from. Kendra Lawrence rated it liked it Jun 07, You remember the mnemonic the first few times, then Sometimes I find the process of inventing the mnemnomic in itself is enough to stick a kanji or radical into long term memory, and I never actually need to recall it.


Furigana To create furigana in your posts, use the following syntax: Knowing your radicals is, in my opinion, absolutely vital to being able to learn, recall, and construct more complex kanji.

All of the kanji are presented in an order that makes sense to me, there are plenty of details for each kanji, and easy to remember mnemonics for each. Also, a lot of English doesn’t depend on constructing words in the same way Japanese does – so I don’t quite get what you mean by that English kanjj. This is not the full list of henshal. Laurence Hfnshall rated it really liked it Nov 24, It reads like a good history of culture book, too.

To submit a translation request, visit here instead. Have you taken a look at this, and what do you think? Don Frost rated it liked it Jul 15, Henshall is a graduate of the universities of London B.

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. I could get lost for hours reading the history behind each character.

This is the most amazing kanji book I have found so far. To find a kanji, you look it up by the readings in oanji back.

Henshall Kanji Mnemonics

This technique is quicker, and doesn’t burden your memory with what is in fact non-essential information. Feb 19, Kylie Sparks rated it it was amazing. Trolling, immature, or hostile behavior will result in a warning or ban 6. It reads like a best-seller.


Henshall Kanji Mnemonics

And this is a huge trap that so many beginners get sucked into, and most kanji mnemonic methods encourage it. Is it reasonable to love a reference text like I love Henshall?

Containing “shodo” Brush stroke stylethe examples are written superbly with very good mnemonics based on the radicals.

I like as not will alter the mnemonic so it fits my own brain.

If mnemonics help you with retention then fine, but retention is not all there is to fluency, and you’re never going to be fluent if you have to recall some goofy story that actually has nothing to do with the kanji at hand every time you encounter it.

Jan 21, Jacob van Berkel rated it it was amazing Shelves: No trivia or quizzes yet. Henshall’s guide is a serious and thorough work of scholarship. Although my emphasis was obviously on benshall the current characters, it was easy to be drawn into the unique history of each kanji.