The Hekhalot and Merkavah Literature and Its Mystical Tradition. Those who define mysticism in terms of a certain type of experience of God often seem to forget. Heikhalot Literature. Scholars Reprinted with permission from Descenders to the Chariot: The People Behind the Hekhalot Literature, published by Brill. The Hekhalot literature is a motley collection of textually fluid and often textually corrupt documents in Hebrew and Aramaic which deal with.

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Scholem points out that “binders of crowns” seem to be a category of angel mentioned twice in the Hekhalot Rabbati. The entire song is about four times the length of this excerpt and contains lines unintelligible to the translator and litedature informants. With the spirit he descended through a hole into the underworld.

And at the age of seven months and ten days he shall become sick and shall be in hot water. But, again like the mystic, the beneficiary of the esoteric experience is the community, not just the individual practitioner or clients. In other words, context in the manuscripts, content, and the social background reconstructed in this paper all point to the Hekhalot literature being a subgenre of Jewish magical literature.

Hekhalot Literature – Brill Reference

The end of the Sar Panim appears to be an exorcism text para. And for the last day I prayed three times and invoked and PRQDS, the angel of the Presence, descended, and with him were angels of mercy. The question of how the physiognomic material determined the relationship of individuals to this divine mediator and thereby established their status in the community may be illuminated by the use of similar texts in the Hekhalot literature.


Second, the magical literature frequently makes use of themes and ideas typical of the Hekhalot literature. These disciplines, especially the endurance of cold, eventually fill the shaman with heat and spiritual might.

Ishmael to the otherworld for practical information literaturd the actions of Rome para. Igjugarjuk, a Caribou Inuit nekhalot, claims to have been isolated by his mentor in a small snow hut where he fasted and meditated in the cold, drinking only a little water twice, for thirty days.

Space allows for only a single example, the first part of a song sung during the Evenki ceremony of “searching for souls of the sick. Retrieved from ” https: In a given society magic may be performed by a specialist. Space permits only a few preliminary observations. And three lines in the form of crowns are on his forehead and the middle one is broken into three, and they are wide lines.

Like the magician, the shaman uses spirit intermediaries and seeks not mystical union, but esoteric knowledge and power. The voice hekhslot the sixth: Magnes, Geniza 11, p. In the beginning of the story of the ten martyrs in the Hekhalot Rabbati R.

It has been shown by Ira Chernus that the various macroforms within this literature hrkhalot somewhat different views of community.

However, the term “mysticism” seems to me to be something ltierature a misnomer when applied to the esotericism found in the Hekhalot literature. The quotation is from p. On my right were hewers of fiery flames, on my left torches were burning. He was led through six tents, while the spirit demanded that he explain numerous beings and phenomena encountered along the way.


They had some imperfect knowledge of the Bible and rabbinic teachings, and a wide acquaintance with Jewish folklore. And afterward, let him sit and recite during the twelve days, the days of his fasting, from morning until evening, hekhakot let him not be silent.

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Hekhalot literature

When I saw him, my hands and feet were burned and I was standing without hands and feet until PNYYWN the prince from among the heavenly attendants appeared to me before the throne of glory opposite the inner room of the seraphim, whose name is like His name, and it is one name.

Ishmael’s question, “What are these songs that one recites who seeks to observe the vision of the chariot so as to descend safely and to ascend safely? And he must be careful not to add to the one hundred and twelve times, nor to subtract from them.

There is a field of study, which focuses on the Hekhalot literature.

Although this union is an absorption of an individual into the divine, the unitive life of the highest mystics is generally intensely social: Akiva descends to the chariot to confirm the efficacy of the theurgical ascesis paras.

The text is discussed on pp.