Forward Motion [Hal Galper] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This deep, yet user-friendly book provides a unique view of how to learn to . I have in my collection Hal’s notes from 5 the early 80s about forward motion, Galper is explaining is offering countless ways of manipulating simple at first, and . Hal Galper-Forward Motion. I bought this book last week and started working through some of the ideas and it seems to be a pretty interesting.

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You’ll therefore be twice as relaxed, have twice as much time to conceive ideas and double your technical facility.

However, the player is hearing thier melodic lines differently than the listener, as melodies and rhythms in motion toward future resolution points. Learning to play in half time is adult rhythmic behavior. Example 36 Selecting the strongest groupings to spell out II-Vs results in the following. It offers a step-by-step process for retraining your hearing to hear in Forward Motion. The chromatic is a much-abused interval.

As with every rule there forware exceptions.

My first experience with Faking It was during my early student years. The exercise itself is important but the process of playing the last note first, giving your ear a place to go toward, is the most important aspect of all. Jazz is a music that is based on learning by listening to the music 28 hours a day. Your flow of concentration is interrupted. Allegedly, Bird could spell out changes two bars in advance of where they were written.


Understanding Forward Motion | Hal Galper

Not only do the notes have to be in FM but the phrasing as well. An added whole or half-step may inserted before the first note, between the first and second note, between the second and third note and after the third note.

Or, the chords forwarrd heard as a “color,” such as the “altered” color, or the “Major 7th. Arpeggios and scales can be combined in limitless ways. Every time a cross rhythm is introduced into a pyramid the succeeding levels will be altered.

Anyone digging into this book? Hal Galper Forward Motion Book

I thought he was using this as an example of playing chord tones on these chords to build a sort of guide tone melody If you play a wind instrument keep the mouthpiece in your mouth. Practice this melody until you can hear it. Feelings ha, practicing and performing that are felt on an intuitive level, when then verbalized, create a sense of recognition. One might argue that it was the very lack of this information that created the strong identifying stylistic characteristics of the early generations of jazz musicians.

Scale lines tend to inherently have more potential for resolution than hwl. The cell groups are so motlon, they spell out the basic changes so clearly, that their passage can be heard without any chords being played behind in the background.

Where a half-step approach already exists below a chord tone, a half-step may be added in the whole-step interval just below it.

Remember me on this computer. This section is an introduction to what may be termed the ” Added Optional Corrective Half-step. They sound logical but the information in them is hidden. It is common advice that a solo should “tell a story.


The ditch digger’s work was physical. Example 39 Example 40 now has a beat and a half pick-up. The next 4-bar example demonstrates the fallacy of scale-wise improvisation. These books are written and published for many reasons: Similarly, the ear tends to select one of the jal chord tones of each chord as the chord changes progress through a tune. The following examples are shown only using scale step additions. Where you add these half-steps depends on what note and beat of the bar you begin your scale line on and which beat and note you plan to end upon.

Example 18 Most exercise books print their exercises in the manner above, without FM. Chords having a duration of four beats each will contain two Inner Guide Tone melodies per chord.

The use of Inner Guide Tone Melodies is also discussed.

Everyone has an upper limit of hearing speed that they work on extending over the years. Fkrward is a practicing attitude and a playing attitude. He does it again on the next two chords as well.