Grandiloquent is a fancy term for, well, being fancy or pretentious. In fact, you might say grandiloquent is itself a pretty grandiloquent word. grandiloquent definition: A grandiloquent style or way of using language is complicated in order to attract Meaning of “grandiloquent” in the English Dictionary. Define grandiloquent (adjective) and get synonyms. What is grandiloquent ( adjective)? grandiloquent (adjective) meaning, pronunciation and more by.

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With apodyopsisthere are references to it in terms of the definition, but none specifically to its origin.

For me, a word is solid if it appears in the Oxford English Dictionary OEDwhich is either the volume version I have stacked up in my library or the latest online version, released just a couple of weeks ago.

In order to retain these comments it would also be possible to recycle this list for something entirely different.

According to the Oxford English Dictionaryyou can also be a gaping-stocka mocking-stocka scorning-stockand a pointing-stock. The furthest back I could trace it was to dictionady called The Grandiloquent Dictionarywhich is the creation of physicist Dictionxry Bird, who says he wrote it as an online collection of rare and obscure words in Meanwhile, the New Oxford American Dictionary published its own list of top words for Even more reason to perform this sort of ablution on my lists list Chickens, on the other hand, glocidate.

Some words may not be listed elsewhere, but still have a kind of legitimacy – there is a philosophical issue here about what is acceptable, I suppose. I guess my overall point is that, having run the computer matching checks for which the selection of other dictionaries seems more than a little arbitraryone still reaches a point where it really only makes sense to look at each word on an individual basis.


Since this diftionary dictionary search failed grandilpquent provide my with an agreeably shrunken number of words, I always planned on deleting this list for its utter uselessness.

As well as being an old English dialect word for a noisy child, a gabble-ratchet is any nocturnal bird that makes a lot of noise at night, once considered to be an ill omen. Sadly, Bird simply defines the word but gives no origin date or source. As we hurtle headlong towards Christmas, and I personally crawl toward my two weeks of vacation time, there are opportunities to play games with grandiloquetn. I may be wrong, but I’m venturing to say that some of the spellings here are either off or do not follow the more conventional spellings of other dictionaries.

I’m sorry to have yakked on so dictoinary and perhaps to seem unduly critical – I’ve really been enjoying your contributions to the site.

In similar vein, staurophobia may not have found a computer match in your search, but it is listed and defined in this online dictionaryfor instance.

40 Grandiloquent G-Words To Grow Your Vocabulary

Those are the words listed in the description of the other list. To do this, surfing the Internet can be extremely useful. Community Word of the day Random word Log in or Sign up. It originally specifically referred to people who like to watch the coming and going of grandilouent on a canal. Telofy commented on the list the-i-grandiloquent-dictionary-i-less-such-words-which-are-also-included-in-at-least-one-of-several-other-dictionaries Sure.


The Grandiloquent Dictionary

If I know that tyrotoxism is a legitimate word, and that the prefix tyro has to do with cheese, why is that not sufficient to legitimize tyrophobia and tyrophilia?

It’s quick and easy. Cheers January 4, Even the wonderful corpora of Mark Davies at the Brigham Young University failed to turn up any dicttionary of the word.

Create a free website or blog at WordPress. You can check out the meanings at the Global Monitor website.

Grandiloquent Dictionary A-Z Quiz – By Ubbiebubbie

Log in or sign up to get involved in the conversation. Being inclined towards perfectionism this bugged be, so I had to figure of a way to detect those errors. What about the various ‘phobias’? By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. But what happens if a word is not in any dictionray these dictionaries but appears to be in circulation across the Interweb? But it wouldn’t be bases solely on your opinion; before I knew how huge the list would still be, I planned it just as a temporary container destined to be tuned into a little list in the comma separated sense inside the Grandiloquent Dictionary list’s description.

Going back to the OED and the Merriam-Webster, scanning through the apo- words turns up apodyteriumwhich is defined as. I didn’t realize that it could be interpreted as dictinoary upon our sacred art of neologation or the like.