The walker has a choice of three paths from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean along the length of the Pyrenees. The most northerly, the Pyrenean Way, officially . Brian Johnson’s revised guide to hiking the Spanish GR11 will be published by Walking the GR11 (Senda Pirenaica) in what is the earliest date to avoid. GR Senda Pirenaica [GR] – Wandermap is one of the largest collections of hike routes on the web. Hike routes can be mapped or uploaded from GPS.

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Hi Steve I have enjoyed reading all your information on here! I cannot imagine the need for greater detail than 1: How long would you estimate the walk to refugio de Portillon for two moderate and experienced walkers?

Though less well marked than the route via the cabane de Garsan, as pirenaics as you keep to the west side of the valley once you are out in the open you should be able to see the pass ahead of you. Xenda reading Rewilding in Catalonia: Any suggestions on a hike I should do and if I can stay in refugees in October? Hopefully this could be the start of a regular family mountain walking summer holiday!

How far is the walk across to the gr11 from luchon? Please post report when you get back. Say at Portillon and come back the following day. After the Rulhe, the GR10 is now well marked, even where it crosses the boulders. The easiest is to walk to the Peyrefitte hut on the GR10, then on to Luchon next day and get a taxi back. Hi Steve, Could you tell me how to find the pou de neu on Pic Neulos? According to the authorities, the measures taken to protect livestockprincipally sheep, from wild animals can be seen to work in Catalonia.

There are two ways of approaching it, either by the nearest town in this case Lladorefor the valleys. Do I just look at the wrong pages not speaking any spanish the choice ist limited or would I need a car after all?


You may still be OK for high routes in early October but beware of fresh snow. For the last two options you will need to book the refuges.

I would really appreciate your advice! You should be able to get back to Barcellona from Torla but it will require planning and you may have to pay for a taxi some of the way. Hello Steve, thank you for the info on your website.

On the other hand I have walked from Estos to Portillon and last pirenaca from Soula to Pirwnaica which takes in part of the same route. This is when the thunderstorms start if there are going to be any. Some will have open access to certain areas but no staff and no facilities so you would have to carry your food and cooking gear. The debate on the reintroduction of carnivores think wolves and omnivores bears usually focusses on the polarised views of livestock breeders on the one hand and conservationists on the other.

You have a nice web page! Not so high but looks beautiful — Next year to the Pyrenees!

Some of the refuges may be closed eg Arletso you will need to check if the winter dormitory is open, and take your own food and sleeping bag. My whole is a riddle, the search for meaning. I am a bit concerned about lack of shade so possibly keen to go lower rather than higher and be by water for fun swimming. Blimey, this is getting embarrasing.

Map of the GR10 (Pyrenean Way) and GR11 (Senda Pirenaica) with accommodation – Walking the Pyrenees

Richard Bartz, Munich aka Makro Freak. I want to start the GR10 trail in June en walk until the end of July. Bear cubs photographed on an automatic camera near the Port de Tavascan, July The French government has recently promised to reinforce of the brown bear population in the western Pyrenees.

Hi Julian There are several options not far from Fos. You mentioned a train station… So please ignore my latest email. We would love to walk from refuge to refuge or hear any other ideas you might have from all your knowledge of the area.


Your opinion would be great. I had some difficulty finding it at first because it was marked in the wrong place on my GPS map!

As for starting at the beginning of June, if you had done that this year you would have run into problems after 2 weeks max. Hi, I would like to do a day hike through a good section in late September. Would you be so kind to send this vector map in high resolution that you have? The high-res version of the map above is no use for walking. Mail will not be published required. The Pou de Neu is m from the gate in a clearing in the middle of the woods but very obvious once you get there. However, there are plenty of other possibilities….

Or in Mantet try the Ferme Cazanove. All very best Flora. One day we will be brave and stay in Refuge Tomy for a proper adventure! Steve — I am a pretty experienced hiker — I need to g away for a few days 5, lets say to clear my head — I wonder if you have any recommendations as far as sneda route with refuges being open still I am looking at last week of October.

But on the other side of the border, in Catalonia, things are much quieter. Maps of the GR11 I used a combination of the 1: We will go in from near Toulouse …. From West to East:.

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It would be great if you could send me the high resolution version. Something that would give us a great taste of the mountains.

So you will be limited to the two ends of the walk.