Alvin Plantinga. University of Notre Dame. Follow. Abstract. This book discusses and exemplifies the philosophy of religion, or philosophical reflection on central. God, Freedom, And Evil – Alvin Plantinga – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. PAGE 18 IS MISSING. HERE IS THE MISSING. Alvin Plantinga is held by many to be the greatest living Christian philosopher, and has made immense contributions to various areas of.

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Whether I agreed with him or not, the book was rather intellectually stimulating.

Alvin Plantinga, God, Freedom, and Evil – PhilPapers

As it is, however, thousands of good-hearted, innocent people experience the ravages of violent crime, terminal disease, and other evils. Dec alvjn, Conor rated it really liked it. MSR2 seems to be asking us to believe things that only a certain kind of theist would believe. May 31, Peter rated it really liked it. Where is the Inconsistency? The second half is dedicated to defending an argument for the existence of God that relies on reason alone, called the Ontological argument.

He’s very thorough in his writing. So, if one of them were faced with three possible courses of action—two of which were morally good and one of which was morally freerom person would not be free with respect to the morally bad option. According to classical theism, the fact that God cannot do any of these things is not a freedm of weakness.

Logical Problem of Evil

This proof, known as the problem of evil, is logically valid, meaning that its premises lead to its conclusion. Notice that 15 does not say that consistent statements must actually be true at the same plntinga. People in this world couldn’t do morally bad things if they wanted to. Thus, if an all-good and all-powerful God exists, He will eliminate all evil in the world that He created. Findlay Jones Kant’s Kronos laws of logic Leibniz less moral evil Mackie Maurice maximal excellence maximal world segment morally perfect natural atheology natural evil Nature of Necessity necessarily false rfeedom true oatmeal alivn obviously omnipotent ontological argument perhaps permitting evil person philosophers Plantinga possible world power at T2 power to create predicate premise problem of evil properly eliminate question Raquel Welch refrain significantly free Smedes snubnosed Socrates suffers from transworld superbachelor theist theodicy theology thing transworld depravity world containing moral world-indexed property wrong with respect.

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This book covers some of the same ground as his more technical The Nature of Necessitybut unlike most of Plantinga’s works, it is aimed at the general reader. Libertarian freedom makes TD less likely, not more likely. Mar 08, Del Herman rated it really liked it. Horrible things of all kinds happen in our world—and that has been the story since the dawn of civilization.

God, it seems, is incapable of doing anything wrong. That approach can work for any alleged contradiction. She writes, Natural evil—the pain of disease, the intermittent and unpredictable destruction of natural disasters, the decay of old age, the imminence of death—takes away a person’s satisfaction with himself.

It should be obvious that 13 conflicts with 1 through 3 above. If the descriptions of those worlds are inconsistent or contradictory, the worlds in question will be plantihga.

For if God brings it about or causes it to be the case in any manner whatsoever that the person either does A or does not do A, then that person is not really free. Anyways, I’d recommend this book to anybody who doesn’t mind heavy thinking about the existence of God. Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and the sea was no more.


And so forth, I could add a lot more. In addressing 3AP notes that some goods entail evils. But you don’t even need to trouble yourself with finding an actual x.

Adam Birt It’s like you didn’t even read the book. Added to PP index Total downloads 21, of 2, Recent downloads 6 months 45 8, of 2, How can I increase my downloads?

It means a total state of affairs, past, present, and future. Given the program running inside the robot and its exposure to an empty soda can, it’s going to take the can to the recycle bin.

God, Freedom, and Evil

The desire to see a theistic response to the problem of evil go beyond merely undermining a particular atheological argument is understandable. The ontological argument is always a slippery one to grasp but I will spend a lot of time pondering the logic of these premises. Responding to this formulation of the problem requires much more than simply describing a logically possible scenario in which God and evil co-exist.

He has modified his view of the cosmological argument since this book was published and gives plantigna some more credence. Moreover, MSR2 would have us believe that there were real persons named Adam and Eve and that they actually performed the misdeeds attributed to them in the book of Genesis.

Alvin Plantinga is John A.